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Noun1.handline - a fishing line managed principally by hand
fishing line - a length of cord to which the leader and float and sinker and hook are attached
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It picks and places "book frames" of inserts (near right) into the mold; removes the frames with overmolded parts; places frames in a trimming fixture (far right); and then places frames in front of an operator for further handline. Finally, the cobot pushes a button to start the next cycle.
The benefits derived would be an annual additional 250,000 qtls of handline and trawl fish, suitable in every respect for the boneless fish industry, worth $2,000,000.
Choose from wood-grilled barbecue meatloaf sliders, grilled chicken yakitori skewers, Kona-crusted lamb lollipops, caramelized grilled sea scallops, shrimp scampi, seared handline ahi tuna and wood-grilled meatballs.
We fisherfolk are alarmed by the horrible and slave-like conditions of Filipino fishworkers employed in purse seine and handline fishing vessels in the tuna capital, General Santos City.
Banfield opened the scoring for Aberavon before Stef Andrews put Ebbw Vale into the lead with a cracking try at the far right-hand corner after some neat handline between forwards and backs.
The companies are strongly encouraged to favor and source tuna from lower-impact fishing methods, including pole and line, handline, troll or Fish Aggregating Devices (FAD) free purse seining.
Haddaq is traditional handline fishing while Al Shoush is a rowing contest using small boats made of tree leaves.
Haddaqistraditional handline fishing while Al Shoush is a rowing contest using small boats made of tree leaves.
These are also the tuna fishermen that practice handline fishing, which is not easy, but it is the most environmentally sound way to catch tuna so why not reward them for sticking to environmental standards?" she emphasizes.
At Handline (handline.com), tuck into calamari tostadas and rockfish tacos on the patio; the greatest-hits kids' menu and a new handmade wooden-toy kitchen will keep the cubs happy.
The commercial fishing fleet is represented by five types of modalities: trawl fleet, purse-seine fleet or trawler fleet, a fleet of cages or traps, handline or longline fleet and gillnet fleet (MPA, 2011).
On one of the islands of Bohol, Jaime Abenido, a grizzled 68-year-old handline fisherman who does not use dynamite, said that 30 years ago, he could go out to sea and fill his boat with fish "until it started to sink." Today there are far fewer fish, he says, and the ones that remain are tiny.