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Noun1.handline - a fishing line managed principally by hand
fishing line - a length of cord to which the leader and float and sinker and hook are attached
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To materialize these concerns, a campaign was announced whereby the fisheries industry, consisting over 1,250 pole-and-line, handline and longline fishing vessels and processors would move one step ahead to reduce and phase out use of plastics and intercept ocean plastics in their one-million square kilometres of Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs).
He also assured small fisherfolk that the fishing ban would not affect their livelihood as they could still catch fish through handline fishing, noting that fisherfolk in Moro Gulf catch an average of 30-40 tuna every day.
Luz Baskias, WWF vice president for project development, came over to our table and explained that the tuna-excellent quality, by the way-was from Mamburao, a community where the fisherfolk still practice handline fishing.
Even as he brings the boy with him to handline for cod, Moses cannot help but sense the finality of their relationship: "it felt like another crack showing in their lives together.
Tenders are invited for 50 each of block handline, 6", aluminum housing and sheave, forged steel swivel eye suspension ring, with steel meat hook, sealed ball bearings, maximum rope size 5/8", working load capacity of 1000-pounds, 3 to 1 safe load rating.
The company used commercial handline fishermen on the couth coast to test them and they were very impressed with the results, with a big variety of fish being taken.
There is one way to shorten the operation and that is to hold on tight so that the fish swims closer to the bank and then get another angler to grab the line and handline it into the side.
The deepwater handline or "bottomfish" fishery of Hawaii also targets these groups of fishes (Haight et al.
Fisheries around SPSPA are dominated by fishing boats operating trolling, handline and longline gear far from the island, mainly during the night (Vaske et al.
On such steep ground, however, this proved difficult, and the fire jumped the handline, Alvarez said.
Our hired rods and reels worked well until I saw a local fisherman, alone on his dugout canoe, using a Coke bottle for his reel and handline.