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Noun1.handling cost - the cost of handling (especially the cost of packaging and mailing an order)
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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So, five corresponding cost objects associated with managing of the above-mentioned raw materials in RMHP are identified as iron ore lump handling cost, limestone handling cost, dolomite handling cost, iron ore fines handling cost and coke handling cost respectively.
Both cranes facilitate the use of rail into the terminal that lowers second destination transportation and port handling cost.
In fact, after absorbing the additional handling cost, P1 saves $6,250 ($40,000 - $33,750) from its stand-alone cost; FR saves $10,750.
The research found that crippling charges for cash handling cost businesses with a turnover of less than pounds 1m a year the most.
Prime Bidders requesting shipment of flash drive containing Bidding Documents shall include twenty dollars ($20) to cover shipping and handling costs.
263A-3(c) provides certain favorable rules in connection with storage and handling costs incurred at a retail sales facility and at an on-site storage facility.
The group said the charge was beginning to have the desired effect with less baggage being checked in, resulting in reduced baggage handling costs.
Despite strong demand for scrap in Asia, rates remain low to the point that some carriers have stopped soliciting scrap shipments to some destinations-most notably in China--because the rates do not cover transport, equipment and cargo handling costs.
Please include the shipping and handling costs in your total.
Ryanair is to charge passengers for checking in baggage in an effort to cut airport handling costs.
In an effort to cust handling costs the Irish carrier said people with luggage will have to pay a fee of pounds 2.
BUDGET airline Ryanair is to charge passengers for checking in baggage in an effort to cut airport handling costs, it revealed today.