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Noun1.handling cost - the cost of handling (especially the cost of packaging and mailing an order)
cost - the total spent for goods or services including money and time and labor
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Selling and distribution cost of the industry is down by 3 percent YoY due to lower handling cost amid normalized inventory level.
Container routing determines the container handling cost. Table 1 shows the handling costs for two types of laden containers at three ports: D20 means dry 20 ft container, and D40 is dry 40 ft container.
So, five corresponding cost objects associated with managing of the above-mentioned raw materials in RMHP are identified as iron ore lump handling cost, limestone handling cost, dolomite handling cost, iron ore fines handling cost and coke handling cost respectively.
On the other hand, apart from earning additional revenue, the storage and handling cost of about Rs.
The switch will enable the company to save considerable cost, since the handling cost reaches US$150 per container in Hong Kong, twice the cost in Kaohsiung.
The objective is to almost double baggage handling capacity and improve passenger satisfaction, while significantly reducing the handling cost per bag.
The tariff is still provisional until an audit team submits its report about the container handling cost at ports, he said.
Both cranes facilitate the use of rail into the terminal that lowers second destination transportation and port handling cost. The current fleet of gas and electric forklifts are being replaced with commercial diesel forklifts better suited for heavier weighted ammunition containers and both MOTSU PACECO wharf cranes have been refurbished.
In 1999, ACC claims by nurses for injuries related to patient handling cost more than $30 million.
In fact, in many respects, the use of the R/3 system results in material handling cost as a direct cost rather than as the traditional indirect (overhead) cost.
Since our heuristic considers the volume, and material handling costs we name it the volume and material handling cost (VMC) heuristic.