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tr.v. hand·picked, hand·pick·ing, hand·picks
1. To gather or pick by hand.
2. To select personally.

hand′picked′ adj.



1. to pick by hand.
2. to select personally and with care.
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DAVAO CITY -- President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said his choices for his Cabinet are people of integrity and were not merely handpicked from his circle of peers.
handPICKED is a social enterprise, with all profits going to the Gateshead College Foundation, which helps people access funds to develop their skills and improve their lives.
Alonso shows off her magnificent company in a peasant pas de dix that reveals handpicked men with superb technique and perfect legs, the women just slightly less so here.
And when Viola (Helen Hunt) washes ashore from a shipwreck and disguises herself in trousers with just the right amount of gold piping to infiltrate his household as "Cesario," sheave immediately becomes the (luke's favorite, handpicked to strip him down to his Prince-ly purple trunks for a morning dip.
Simon Henig, chairman of the North East Combined Authority, said: "True devolution means a dispersal of power throughout England, not just to a small number of handpicked cities."
Without resorting to cliches, Velasco made mambo magic in this exuberant tribute to the genre, and the handpicked dancers in the cast did him proud.
'If the House leadership and supermajority will not install their handpicked minority leader, then I will be available to represent the authentic and responsible opposition,' Lagman, a member of the Liberal Party and leader of the opposition and independent 'Magnificent 7' bloc in the House, told INQUIRER.net when asked if he is interested in the minority leadership.
'On February 4 and 8, the respondents defied the orders when they handpicked and appointed individuals to be chairpersons and members of boards of state corporations and state agencies,' Omtatah said in his petition.
"handPICKED has brought so many benefits to businesses, students and the wider community.
What followed was a most interesting evening and my discovery of Handpicked Wines through Sandy Morales, sales director of Grand Cru, the exclusive importer of the wines in Manila; and Jessline Lee, Handpicked Wines' Southeast Asia commercial manager who was visiting from Singapore.
Summary: The women-focused activewear brand offers over 100 styles curated and handpicked by the actress