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tr.v. hand·picked, hand·pick·ing, hand·picks
1. To gather or pick by hand.
2. To select personally.

hand′picked′ adj.
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1. to pick by hand.
2. to select personally and with care.
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Neem seldom eliminates pests altogether, but it often reduces them to levels that can be ignored or managed by handpicking.
Handpicking was highly rated as a control measure (87 percent success rate), followed by iron phosphate baits (86 percent) and diatomaceous earth (84 percent).
Artistic director Nancy Henderek haunts worldwide festivals, handpicking each piece to create her dance smorgasbord.
They are handpicking weaker team members--those who suffer from stress, are slightly heavier, or prone to the odd drink or two--and betting on which ones will peg it before they reach the safety of retirement.
Most gardeners reported using handpicking as their primary defense, along with cleaning up infested plants at season's end to interrupt the squash bug life cycle.
Sharp-eyed handpicking and trapping can control many garden pests, but not even" insect battle can be won with hand-to-hand combat.
Now, the authority to fill these posts by handpicking people has been given to the prime minister.
Omtatah said the handpicking of the individuals was a breach of the Constitution and unnecessarily locked out other qualified Kenyans.