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Adj.1.handstitched - sewn by hand rather than machine
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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Luxury is also a high priority and the LFC-T cabin is swathed in handstitched Bridge of Weir Nappa leather - including the roof lining and dashboard.
The new collection draws inspiration from this palette to give each scent its distinctive chromatic code, both in the handstitched leather cap that evokes the interior of a Bentley car, and the tint of the scent, showcased by the transparent glass of the bottle:
The velvety softness of the pillows and sheets in a bed adorned by a handstitched piece, is the perfect beginning and ending to your day at Anya.
Many international football matches use handstitched footballs supplied by Sialkot-based manufacturers.
A total of 419 living Lions players and next of kin of 416 deceased Lions will receive a one-off, handstitched cap that bears a unique playing number awarded only to players who have played competitively in the red shirt.
The centre console has a handstitched soft-touch wrap and the instrument panel surround is available in four new aluminium finishes.
The bride stunned in a bespoke princess-style gown complete with handstitched pearls and full organza skirt.
As a luxury sportscar, the cabin is a splendid place to be, plenty of highquality, bespoke switchgear - McLaren don't do off the shelf - and, handstitched leather on the seats, door casing, dashboard, and centre console.
Each of her six drawings was handstitched on top of the fabric.
Borrelli shirts are hand stiched and amongst the finest in the world, some lines being majorly handstitched. Borrelli ties, including sevenfold (more exactly, double fourfold or lined sixfold) ties, also exhibit the highest quality with elegant colors and classical designs.
2,500 Number of crystals which were handstitched on to dressPS2.2m How much gown is expected to fetch at auction in November