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I have always wanted to hang-glide over the Iguazu Falls but can't mention it in case my children organise it for my 80th birthday!
"This girl is one to watch!" Lois''s father, Mark, and brother Sam were also learning to hang-glide at the centre in Derbyshire.
This girl is one to watch!" Lois's dad Mark and brother Sam were also learning to hang-glide at the centre in Derbyshire.
Her father, Mark, and brother were also learning to hang-glide.
I'm going to hang-glide into the office today with a keg of ale under one arm, a baby alligator under the other and a punting strategy that will see me end the day either in the Caymans or a straitjacket.
Hang-glide Last night, a source close to Gail said: "The birthday card was signed by supporters at a Defend Tommy Sheridan meeting last week.
In 1974, Jeff Nicolay, looking for a place to hang-glide, struck a deal with dairy farm owner Phil Haynes to develop an area for hang-gliding, Three decades later, Nicolay has outfitted the center with gliders, equipment and six instructors for hang-gliding and paragliding.
I can't wait to see who will hang-glide to Ibiza from Barcelona."
On her birthday on July 26, following a lunch with family and friends Mrs Rawlings will be taken up in a microlite and then complete her tandem hang-glide.
Backpack through Europe, scale Mount Everest, spend a month in a Shaolin Temple, hang-glide the Grand Canyon, and retire to New Zealand.
Not that it matters too much, as logic goes out of the window in this puerile comedy in which potheads can ride cheetahs, perform operations and hang-glide.