hanging chad

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Noun1.hanging chad - a chad that is incompletely removed and hanging by one corner
chad - a small piece of paper that is supposed to be removed when a hole is punched in a card or paper tape
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Cedar Rapids Brewing owner Rob Copenhaver came up with the name for Hanging Chad Ale, which contains a little bit of oatmeal and choice German and American malted barley.
Because of the unusual nature of the recount result and rumors of fraud, the candidates, attorneys, election board, and court agreed to audit procedures that would resolve any identifiable problems with hanging chad as well as ensure that the vote count would be complete and accurate.
After the disputed vote count in Florida turned last fall's presidential election into a hanging chad, there was much talk of election reform to ensure that America would never again be so bedeviled by undervotes, overvotes, and unintended votes.
In a Bush Administration, Powell is, well, a hanging chad.
It looks like a hanging chad," the Worcester Democrat commented yesterday.
It may seem odd to be concerned with the life of one man who has been convicted of murder when so many millions are being affected by the behaviour of other members of the Hanging Chad Man's family.
Under this rule, the election worker must remove hanging chad from a ballot and count the vote if two or more corners of the chad are clearly separated from the ballot.
Under Bradbury's directive, elections workers should remove a hanging chad from a ballot and count a punch as a vote if two or more chad corners are clearly separated from the ballot.