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He twisted and untwisted his hands, pinched a hangnail between a shaking thumb and forenger and tugged it.
If Clay Buchholtz had a hangnail, he couldn't pitch.
There's the outrageous cost of malpractice insurance and litigation, because Harvey Garrard and thousands like him tell you, again and again and again, on TV, radio, billboards, to sue over a broken hangnail.
I tell veterans that if you're in the service and you get so much as a hangnail, get that in your service record.
Look, no one was spared a hangnail, let alone despair, bitterness, the usual slate of sad abstractions, and you're sniveling over some irregular beats?
I never seen so many alibis for a guy having a hangnail or something like that.
It's the bit where she picking on herself (we're supposed to see this as mental abuse too, we're guessing) as she picks and picks and picks at a rather nightmarish hangnail.
He considers it more literary than legal, its basic message being to "pull the plug" if he has a hangnail.
A broken nail, mucky cuticles or nasty hangnail can be fixed in seconds with a great new nail rescue kit that's just hitting the market.
Getting rid of a notified body solely because of the auditor is a little like cutting a finger off to get rid of a hangnail.
Marcus Welby could treat everything from a hangnail to a hematoma.