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Noun1.hankey - a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessoryhankey - a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory
bandana, bandanna - large and brightly colored handkerchief; often used as a neckerchief
piece of cloth, piece of material - a separate part consisting of fabric
pocket-handkerchief - a handkerchief that is carried in a pocket
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As he stepped up to the cab, he pulled a gold watch from his pocket and looked at it earnestly, 'Drive like the devil,' he shouted, 'first to Gross & Hankey's in Regent Street, and then to the Church of St.
FORMER world darts champion Ted "The Count" Hankey has been declared bankrupt.
97 Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3, Al Harthy and regular teammate Jonny Adam were joined by third driver Salih Yoluc, who raced with the squad during the previous round at Paul Ricard in France, and team newcomer Euan Hankey. British driver Hankey, who joins the expanded four driver line-up for the twice-round-the-clock challenge on July 29 and 30, fitted in seamlessly on his debut in Oman Racing colours.
CULA's lease model complements Westlake's offerings,' said Don Hankey, chairman of Westlake Financial Services.
(1) However, taking a detour just a block or two away from the busiest streets and roads "can make a big difference in your exposure," says Steve Hankey, an assistant professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and coauthor of a new study in EHP.
TWO-TIME BDO World Darts Championship semi-finalist Martin Phillips thrashed double title-winner Ted Hankey 3-0 in his opening match at the Lakeside.
Hankey, M.D., is professor of neurology at the University of Western Australia's Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, Perth, and honorary senior research fellow at Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute, also in Perth.
Waites will be aiming to blow away Hankey daRTS HUDDERSFIELD darts champion Scott Waites (pictured) will be out for The Count in the first round of the BDO World Darts Trophy at EventCity in Manchester later in the month.
IMPRESSED: Consul General Mike Hankey talking to journalists.
Recommendation T O'Shea 1pt 13-10 Boylesports S Waites v T Hankey Head-to-head: Waites 3, Hankey 4 Scott Waites' backers didn't know whether to laugh or cry as Ted Hankey completed his remarkable comeback against Simon Whitlock to set up this quarterfinal.
TWO-TIME world champion Ted Hankey will be out of action for the foreseeable future as he continues his recovery from a mini-stroke.