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ha·pax le·go·me·non

 (hā′păks′ lĭ-gŏm′ə-nŏn′)
n. pl. ha·pax le·go·me·na (-nə)
A word or form that occurs only once in the recorded corpus of a given language.

[Greek : hapax, once + legomenon, neuter sing. passive participle of legein, to count, say.]

hapax legomenon

(ˈhæpæks ləˈɡɒmɪˌnɒn)
n, pl hapax legomena (ləˈɡɒmɪnə)
(Linguistics) another term for nonce word
[Greek: thing said only once]

hap•ax le•go•me•non

(ˈhæp æks lɪˈgɒm əˌnɒn, ˈheɪ pæks)

n., pl. hapax le•go•me•na (lɪˈgɒm ə nə)
a word or phrase that appears only once in a text, the works of an author, or the written record of a language.
[1880–85; < Greek hápax legómenon (thing) once said]
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Noun1.hapax legomenon - a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion
word - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made"; "he hardly said ten words all morning"
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Nevertheless, attestations are still challenging: some lexical items may be hapax legomena or scribal verbatim copies from exempla (thereby not representing the actual language use of the individual); others may be so widely spread (internationalisms) that they cannot be easily traced.
For example, as we notice in sections 3 and 4 of this study, through lexicometry, we can observe, in a rigorous way, the frequency with which the words from The keeper of flocks (Pessoa, 2007) occur within it, as well as identify the keywords, the theme words and frequency forms 1, that is, the 'hapax legomena or hapaxes', as a result of the various computational resources used in corpus linguistics, from frequency counters, programmes that provide the frequency of words, to taggers, which perform automatic analysis of the corpus and tagging, to textual engineering software as well as to concordancers.
Additionally, Ezekiel incorporated more than thirty hapax legomena in his work.
Theophylact has created many new words, all marked as hapax legomena in Carl de Boor's Index nominum (Olajos 1990-1992, 185).
"Hapax Legomena and Word-Formation." ASA Journal, No.
TABLA 1 Variacion lexica del corpus Tipos % Muestras % Vocabulario lexico 8034 97,51% 27 693 50,71% Vocabulario funcional 205 2,49% 26 909 49,28% Total 8239 100% 54 602 100% Hapax legomena: 4255 palabras 3.1.
Words occurring only once (hapax legomena) were deleted
The present review therefore endeavors primarily to highlight and discuss hapax legomena, rare and problematic Hittite word forms from these fragments which will be useful for future lexical studies.
It got verbed." Some verbifications are idiosyncratic, creating hapax legomena: CRADLESNATCH, POTSMOKE, MOUSEBURGER.
Very abstractly, Zipf's law says that there will be a few classes (e.g., corpus word types) with a large number of members and many classes with only one member (hapax legomena in a corpus), and everything in between.
Statistical analysis, in the present case, includes hapax legomena and dis legomena.