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Luckless; unfortunate. See Synonyms at unfortunate.

hap′less·ly adv.
hap′less·ness n.
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Despite this, the group lamented "the investigation of these cases has remained open-ended or unresolved nor has there been any of the said cases prosecuted before our courts of justice, with the perpetrators roaming freely in our midst and with the families of the victims haplessly and silently bearing the pain and suffering of a murdered loved one.
The clean sheet run ended just 11 seconds into that match when Christian Eriksen scored, and then to make matters worse, Jones - the main feature of the video - haplessly fired the second into his own net, causing that video to be retweeted thousands of times.
Hatta goalkeeper Eisa being way out of his line could only watch haplessly as the ball settled into the netting.
We cannot just sit down and watch the citizens wail haplessly.
The PTI chief accompanied with Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Jehangir Tareen, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, Provincial Minister Shah Farman and others, was haplessly seeing the situation.
Admittedly, I've never dozily put myself at the vanguard of a nationalist movement which has accidentally swapped the country's financial security for a woolly notion of "sovereignty", haplessly unleashing a tide of racist violence and destabilising the peace process in Northern Ireland as mere side-effects of my lust for power.
ENGLAND collapsed haplessly and then received no mercy from a rampant AB de Villiers at the Wanderers as their tour of South Africa ended with a nine-wicket trouncing and 2-0 Twenty20 series defeat.
After all, this wasn't that long after the likes of Frank Pingel, Rob McDonald and George Reilly had haplessly plied their trade as Newcastle forwards.
The Black Cats looked reasonably potent against Premier League leaders Manchester City, but their defending was so haplessly slapdash they had no chance of inflicting a third consecutive defeat on a strong Manuel Pellegrini team.
Of course, when we arrived I had no idea how to attach it to the electrical point and I flapped around haplessly until someone took pity on me and fixed us up.
The BJP which had all along claimed to be the sole guardian of national interest "needing no lesson from anybody" as claimed by Prime Minister in the parliament recently, watches haplessly and helplessly", he said.
The film ends on lame note, after all of the second half is spent in Balki haplessly trying to figure out how he wants to take his story forward.