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Luckless; unfortunate. See Synonyms at unfortunate.

hap′less·ly adv.
hap′less·ness n.
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In short, they forgot about magically piling up 50 points in 1-1/2 quarters so easily, shockingly transforming themselves into a pitiful bunch of toddlers haplessly being manhandled by foes old enough to be their fathers.
When the following day the villagers stepped into the jungle, they found the cow sitting haplessly as she was not able to stand up.
Bale's Real Madrid team-mate Luka Modric released Perisic, whose low cross was haplessly turned into his own net by Lawrence.
That's just as dangerous because, in the hands of the wrong people, they can amass power to a level that they will not only render you irrelevant but also use it to punish their enemies while rewarding their friends and cronies as you haplessly look on.
Haplessly, if a woman is wearing modern dresses along bulk of make-up, she thinks herself autonomous and people see her as empowered.
KARANI WASTEFULSony forward Tobias Otieno put through Meshack Karani, but the former Kariobangi Sharks man watched haplessly as his shot hit the woodwork on 27 minutes.
Haplessly wandering around Europe as supposed leader of a now-Disunited Kingdom - there is no room at the inn this Christmas for a political orphan in search of the merest vestige of good cheer.
But, when a medical emergency strikes her household, George is forced to make a Solomonic choice that could potentially make her haplessly unhappy.
But even as WASA haplessly tried to do damage control, the jokes, the memes and the snide remarks practically wrote themselves.
'With the OGCC gone, GOCCs will be haplessly at the mercy of a lawyer who can abandon their interest anytime,' Jurado added.
Brian Lonsdale is perfect as haplessly laddish Tom, and Bryony Corrigan never misses a beat as Amy.
Caio easily tapped the ball in as Al Ahli players looked on haplessly.