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Luckless; unfortunate. See Synonyms at unfortunate.

hap′less·ly adv.
hap′less·ness n.
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Genuine malice within the group is not nearly as common as the haplessness which humans invariably demonstrate in the face of the complexity and nuance of human relationships.
However, in a contest of little tangible consequence for two teams already through to the Super Eight stage, defending champions England lost two early wickets to left-arm seamer Irfan Pathan and then repeated their worrying history of haplessness against sub-continental spin.
The continuing of the killing despite the shoot-on-sight orders indicates not only the haplessness of the government, but also the singlemindedness of those behind the killings, which have gained in pace ever since the murder of a ruling coalition MPA, Raza Hyder, in one such killing.
Former England cricket boss Ted Dexter, 1993, desperately trying to explain away another hapless England defeat at the hands of the Australians.: The wit and wisdom of George W Bush:As world leaders go, even the First Minister may have some way to go before catching up with the verbal haplessness of the current US president.
Caught between a boorish dad's parental haplessness and a well-meaning mother's fits of disabling despair is the couple's only child, Chango, still well shy of toddlerhood.
But it appears that the first anyone senior knew about the putsch was when they received the e-mail from Mr Hoon and Ms Hewitt - an e-mail timed, with almost poetic haplessness, to coincide with a Prime Minister's Questions Mr Brown was widely seen to have outperformed David Cameron in.
At one time it was the norm for his biographers to make ironic comments about their subject's haplessness as a colonial businessman in Africa.
Then humans arrived in their iron birds bringing their traps, their needs, their greed, their haplessness, and their neuroses.
"The greatest problem is his inability to run the government and to assess what the threat is." And adding to this image of haplessness, of course, is that a year after Bhutto's death, Pakistanis are no closer to finding out who killed her, The Independent quoted her, as saying.
NOT for the first time has the Middle East Quartet been criticized for haplessness in dealing with or trying to help solve the Palestinian-Israeli dispute.
At the same time, he suggests worker haplessness. For example, we learn that "the prevalence of poverty helped assure employers access to labor" without resorting to legal compulsion.
I hear it's your basic laff-riot, employing woodsy Canadian lads as comic doppelgangers for the haplessness in all males everywhere.