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Luckless; unfortunate. See Synonyms at unfortunate.

hap′less·ly adv.
hap′less·ness n.
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Violence and the threat of violence have narrowed the scope of discourse, with prospects of further narrowing in the face of administrative haplessness.
Voices on the party's right have also suggested that Labour's (relative) triumph was due more to the haplessness of the Tories' campaign than its own merits.
Both were deemed overpaid and under performing in light of the haplessness of the gridiron Hogs.
Sandro Ramirez's first strike for the club he joined in the summer gave the hosts something to fight for late on but goals from substitutes Andreas Cornelius (two) and Robin Gosens in the closing stages typified Everton's haplessness.
With the haplessness we have already observed in his
The gender divide is evident and the sheer haplessness of the situation screams volumes.
Corbyn did his own bit of haplessness on Women's Hour but by sheer dint of seniority, Theresa May takes the gold medal in the Unravelling Olympics for the press conference when she rowed back on social care plans and demanded, in the face of all logic, this wasn't a U-turn.
As if taking cues from both Berryman s Sonnets and The Dream Songs' Henry after cutting his teeth on Surrealism in the late 1960s, Knott expressed his sense-of-self-as-schlimazel with increasing dexterity and wit to achieve an aesthetics of exquisite haplessness.
Under such ordeals, Iqbal was the personality who steered the Muslims of the Indo-Pak Sub-continent and the whole Muslim Ummah from the darkness of haplessness through his candid analysis and poetry," he said.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jaberi Ansari slammed Saudi Arabia for massacring hundreds of civilians in Sana'a, and said that the recent airstrikes show the Riyadh government's haplessness and incapability to defeat the Yemeni popular forces.
Noma Dumezweni adds a cool authority to the latter's racing mind, and Paul Thornley finds humor in the old Weasley haplessness.