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Noun1.haplosporidian - parasite in invertebrates and lower vertebrates of no known economic importance
sporozoan - parasitic spore-forming protozoan
Haplosporidia, order Haplosporidia - an order in the subclass Acnidosporidia
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1950) and the haplosporidian parasite Haplosporidium nelsoni (Ford & Haskin 1987) are both associated with massive oyster mortality in the United States.
In the 1970's outbreaks of QX disease caused by the haplosporidian parasite Marteilia sydneyi (Perkins and Wolf, 1976) led to a further decline (Nell, 1993).
and other haplosporidian parasites; haplosporidian ultrastructure and taxonomy; development of procedures for continuous in vitro culture of P.
nelsoni occurs as a coinfection with another haplosporidian parasite, Haplosporidium costale or seaside organism (Sunila et al.
The higher weighted prevalence in the Southeast relative to the Mid-Atlantic is partly due to the low weighted prevalences at the Delaware Bay sites; oysters in Delaware Bay have developed significant immunity to Haplosporidium nelsoni, the most common haplosporidian (Munroe et al.
The planned fall 2007 planting was delayed because histological analysis of the seed (100 from each strain) prior to shipment found a previously unknown and rare haplosporidian parasite, which was subsequently described (Ford et al.
Haplosporidian parasite infections and a fatal neoplastic disorder were reported in Olympia oysters from Yaquina Bay and Alsea Bay, OR (Mix & Sprague 1974, Mix 1975).
virginica is seriously crippled by infections caused by haplosporidian parasites Bonamia ostreae and Haplosporidium nelsoni, respectively.
2006), we now recognize Bonamia as a haplosporidian genus with at least some spore-forming, presumably indirectly transmissible members.