happy medium

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happy medium

a course or state that avoids extremes

hap′py me′dium

الحَل الوَسَط الأفْضَل، الوسط السَّعيد
střední cesta
den gyldne middelvej
stredná cesta
orta yol

happy medium

ngiusta via di mezzo


(ˈhӕpi) adjective
1. having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment. a happy smile; I feel happy today.
2. willing. I'd be happy to help you.
3. lucky. By a happy chance I have the key with me.
ˈhappiness noun
ˈhappily adverb
The child smiled happily; Happily, (= Fortunately,) she arrived home safely.
ˌhappy-go-ˈlucky adjective
not worrying about what might happen. cheerful and happy-go-lucky.
happy medium
a sensible middle course between two extreme positions. I need to find the happy medium between starving and over-eating.
References in classic literature ?
The happy medium for stump-clearing is the lord of all beasts, who is the elephant.
I endeavoured to hit a happy medium between these two extremes; my aunt approved the result; and Mr.
Knightley `no;' and Miss Bates and I that he is just the happy medium. When you have been here a little longer, Miss Fairfax, you will understand that Mr.
Between the purely physical rykor and the purely mental kaldane there was little choice; but in the happy medium of normal, and imperfect man, as she knew him, lay the most desirable state of existence.
Half way into 2019, intelligence process automation has now taken center stage, representing a happy medium between pie-in-the-sky broad applications for artificial intelligence and the far more narrow, brute force automation of dull, one-dimensional routine mouse and keyboard tasks well suited for RPA.
He added: "Sooner or later, the British Parliament is going to have to support a backstop for Northern Ireland or else support no Brexit at all - there is no happy medium between these two eventualities "The bottom line is that the backstop, aside from scrapping Brexit entirely, is our only insurance policy against a hard border.
Surely some happy medium exists between a maximal prison sentence and none at all for an alleged violent anti-Semite but the judge in the case is recommending a scandalous degree of leniency in the event a plea deal can be reached.
A happy medium would be a compromise, maybe back to an adaptation of the original "Common Market" of the 1970s?
Initially, I thought: "Don't be ridiculous", but when I put myself in his position, I thought: "Yep, it would drive me insane if my partner was that close to an ex", so we found a happy medium.
THE BRONZING ONE | Body Glow by Skinny Tan Aftersun Gel, PS9.99, Superdrug: If you want a bit of help with bronzing, but can't be bothered with the full fake-tan rigmarole, this gradual glow lotion is a happy medium.
This much-loved play offers up fussy, cantankerous novelist Charles Condomine, re-married but haunted (literally) by the ghost of his late first wife, the clever and insistent Elvira who is called up by a visiting "happy medium", one Madam Arcarti.
With women ranging in sizes from a US 10 to 30, Brioschi hopes to showcase curvy body types, which she considers to be a happy medium between being too thin or too overweight.