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Adv.1.haptically - by touch; "he perceives shapes tactually"
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In the automotive interior, we use so-called decor hap-tic paints to enhance plastic surfaces optically and haptically and to align them with other materials like leather of fabric.
So by using this information, the Continental connected Energy Management (cEM) system can provide the driver--visually or haptically through the pedals--information about when to brake or accelerate, or the system can make the required adjustments with the driver's feet off of the pedals.
One of the most exciting things we are doing is our collaboration with The Boston Children's Hospital to create photo and haptically accurate surgical training models so surgeons can teach and practice high-risk surgeries before they ever work on a child.
The Haptoclone system has two workspaces separated from each other, with each workspace field virtually superimposed optically and haptically.
Each component of the virtual environment is represented haptically and auditorially.
Services like Scruff are, at their core, visually, haptically, and interactively embodied experiences.
This apparatus permitted children to put their hands behind the curtain to explore the tactile pictures haptically, without visual access to the pictures.
For example, the congenitally blind tend to select individual elements of the scene and focus on what they have explored haptically and experienced directly.
Research questions to be studied amongst others include object-in-hand manipulation like turning an object to expose a certain face or to haptically explore objects, as well as bimanual manipulation, like opening containers having various types of fasteners.
With The Tactile Eye, Barker extends this sensual scholarship and explores cinematic tactility as "a general attitude toward the cinema that the human body enacts in particular ways: haptically, at the tender surface of the body; kinaesthetically and muscularly, in the middle dimension of muscles, tendons, and bones that reach toward and through cinematic space; and viscerally, in the murky recesses of the body, where heart, lungs, pulsing fluids, and firing synapses receive, respond to, and reenact the rhythms of cinema" (3).