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n. (used with a singular or plural verb)
1. The use of the sense of touch, especially in social interactions or in interfaces between humans and computers.
2. The study of such activity.

[Adaptation (using the suffix -ics), of Modern Latin hapticē, from Greek haptikē, feminine of haptikos, relating to the form haptesthai, to grasp, touch, of unknown origin.]
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the scientific study of the sense of touch
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They know that the sound and haptics of a switch can strongly influence drivers' and passengers' perceptions of the car's quality.
M2 PRESSWIRE-July 26, 2019-: Haptics Technology Market Next Big Thing | Major Giants: On Semiconductor, Microchip, Johnson Electric
According to 9to5Mac, the three new iPhones could be powered by Apple's latest A13 chipset and a new Taptic Engine, codenamed "leap haptics." While we don't know a lot about the new Taptic Engine as of now, it could replace 3D Touch on this year's iPhones.
"Our current proof-of-concept study shows promising results that open the way toward the use of haptics for human-canine communication."
Reportedly, by incorporating haptics into in-flight entertainment systems, Panasonic Avionics will be able to modernise the experience and make access to the system more intuitive and engaging.
Haptics in minimally invasive surgical simulation and training.
Increasingly, haptics is being designed into automotive applications as more and more vehicles incorporate high-quality tactile effects for operations such as entertainment, navigation and climate control.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-February 1, 2018-Marquardt to incorporate Immersion's haptics technology in automotive applications
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Two recent studies reported on an intrascleral fixation of the haptics of the IOL with long-term stability of the IOL without using sutures [6, 7].
The self-directed Laerdal Haptic IV Training System is an interactive simulation training that utilizes a haptics device that mimics human skin and veins.