harbor patrol

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Noun1.harbor patrol - patrol of officers who police a harbor areaharbor patrol - patrol of officers who police a harbor area
patrol - a group that goes through a region at regular intervals for the purpose of security
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Basic Contracting Services Inc., Artesia, NM, is being awarded a maximum $15,297,613 firm-fixed-price, IDIQ services contract for armed security guard services including harbor patrol services for Naval Magazine Indian Island, WA.
Due to heightened security levels, waterways are now under the auspices of the Coast Guard, the FDNY, the NYPD Harbor Patrol and park commissions for both
They looked as if they'd been issued to the Harbor Patrol and used as boat anchors.
The Seattle Police Dept., whose Harbor Patrol unit serves the 200 miles of city shoreline and 27 square miles of fresh and ocean water, has added a ninth boat to its fleet.
"I've been scuba diving all over and I must say, the diving here is unbeatable; said Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Shance McGuffey, harbor patrol. "It's like having your own personal reef in your back yard:"
The service's local force was supplemented with the 87-foot Coastal Patrol Boat Beluga, from Norfolk, Va.; Maritime Safety and Security Team 91106, from New York City, the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Harbor Patrol, the U.S.
The department said the awards would enable security upgrades such as harbor patrol boats, surveillance equipment, and the construction of command and control facilities.
Instead, we filled our days weaving friendship bracelets while listening to Phish on the boom box, playing rounds of Marco Polo and conning the Harbor Patrol guys into taking us out in their boats for inner tube rides.
According to Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol Officer Nathan Alldredge, who spoke to CNN, the diving boat that is on fire off the coast of Southern California is named 'Conception' and it is based in Santa Barbara Harbor.