harbor patrol

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Noun1.harbor patrol - patrol of officers who police a harbor areaharbor patrol - patrol of officers who police a harbor area
patrol - a group that goes through a region at regular intervals for the purpose of security
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Harbor Patrol, the Alexandria City Police Department's Marine Operations Team, the Potomac River Rescue Association and five nearby Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotillas.
Although firefighters, harbor patrol officers and lifeguards frequently pitch in when animals get stranded, Wallerstein deserves the bulk of the credit for getting them off the beach and finding help, one lifeguard said.
While working full time for the Sheriff's Department, Jon graduated from the Orange County Sheriff's Department Reserve Academy and volunteers his time as a uniformed Reserve Deputy Sheriff, assigned to the Harbor Patrol Division.
Among them will be new harbor patrol boats, surveillance equipment, and command and control facilities.
EN2 Kak Namkung, MM3 Ismael Rizo and DC2 Garret Addler of the Navy Harbor Patrol escort U.
To date, these grants have been used for the purchase of two SAFE harbor patrol boats, purchase of an interoperability communications vehicle, and feasibility study/design for a joint container inspection facility.
Ventura County sheriff's deputies and Harbor Patrol officers pulled the body from the water, and an autopsy was scheduled for today.
With dramatic improvements in thermal camera performance and the downward trend in the cost of thermal cameras, thermal night vision is becoming very affordable for watercraft dedicated to harbor patrol, harbor police, workboats, and search-and-rescue missions," says Tim Arion, founder and president of EMX, Inc.
The Security Department tries to keep three patrol craft in the water all of the time, but it is difficult, said Donald Baldridge, the leading petty officer for harbor patrol.
Add a communist neighbor, and it becomes clear that the men and women of GTMO Harbor Patrol (HP) have one of the most diverse mixes of geo-political terrain in the world to navigate with their 25-foot watercraft.
STI's Airship is proving to be a viable platform for homeland security, harbor patrol and disaster mitigation," said Susner.
More than 50 rescue personnel from the Ventura County Fire Department, Channel Islands Harbor Patrol, Oxnard Police Department and the U.