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1. Shelter and anchorage for ships.
2. Shelter; refuge.


(ˈhɑr bər ɪdʒ)

1. shelter for vessels, as that provided by a harbor.
2. a place of shelter; lodging.
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Noun1.harborage - (nautical) a place of refuge (as for a ship)
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
refuge, safety - a safe place; "He ran to safety"


The state of being protected or safeguarded, as from danger or hardship:
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Municipal authorities can improve sanitation and limit harborage, while pest control operators can use baits to immediately influence the abundance of rodents.
Rodents will be active this spring because new spring plants nourished by winter precipitation will provide plentiful harborage.
Reducing animal harborage, such as keeping wood piles away from the house, can prevent a tick host, like a rodent, from being close to your home.
If that hole were to provide a harborage for cockroaches that mechanically transmit an infectious agent to a potentially hazardous food and that food is temperature-abused, then the hole in the wall becomes a contributor to the resulting foodborne illness, along with the critical violations of the presence of cockroaches and temperature abuse of a potentially hazardous food.
By being chosen over some national food chains, such as Harborage of Dallas, Daka International of Boston, and Damons of Indianapolis, for the opportunity to become associated with Star Time and their vision for developing quality family entertainment centers, we are achieving some critical growth objectives considerably ahead of our business plan.
Waste tires provided harborage for vermin; breeding grounds for mosquitoes; and an ever-present fire hazard.
The Harborage Club - Fort Lauderdale has contracted with Ace World Companies to design and deliver a computerized lift and launch system for the first space age marina.
Utilizing one of the world's most advanced stacker crane systems, Atlantic Marina Holdings planned new facility, The Harborage Club - Fort Lauderdale, is set to revolutionize America's boating lifestyle.
This problem led FMC to investigate the use of TalstarOne(TM) multi- insecticide as a residual harborage treatment to control mosquitoes," said Don Claus, Director, FMC Specialty Products Business.
Maintain shrubs, trees, and garden beds near the home to prevent pests from using them as harborage close to the home.
Bidder Shall Describe And Advise Each Ffm Manager Of Any Site Specific Structural, Sanitary, Or Operational Changes That Will Eliminate Sources Of Pest Food, Water, Harborage And Access.
Inspect and interview to determine the source and harborage of pests.