hard line

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hard line

A firm, uncompromising policy or position.

hard′-line′ adj.
hard′-lin′er n.

hard line

a. an uncompromising course or policy
b. : hardline (as modifier): a hardline policy.
ˌhardˈliner n

hard′ line′

an uncompromising or unyielding stand, esp. in politics.


or hard′line`,

adhering rigidly to a dogma, theory, or plan; uncompromising.
[1960–65, Amer.]
hard′-lin′er, n.
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Noun1.hard line - a firm and uncompromising stance or position; "the governor took a hard line on drugs"
stance, posture, position - a rationalized mental attitude
References in classic literature ?
As the girl grasped the significance of his words she paled, but her lips set in a hard line and her eyes shone with a sudden fire of determination as she dropped the plane to within a few feet of the ground and at the opposite end of the meadow from the blacks and then at full speed bore down upon the savages.
And as Joan de Tany watched she saw the smile suddenly freeze to a cold, hard line, and the eyes of the man narrow to mere slits, and her woman's intuition read the death warrant of the King's officer ere the sword of the outlaw buried itself in his heart.
It is hard lines for man and it is hard lines for beast, and who's to mend it I don't know: but anyway you might tell the poor beast that you were sorry to take it out of him in that way.
The hard lines in his aunt's face relaxed and a sud- den tenderness dawned in her eyes.
It seems such hard lines that he could not have shared the reward
Perhaps some people may think that my mothers uncle Thomas shouldent of wispered at prayer time in church but you must remember that Miss Jemima Parrs father had thretened to set the dog on him and that was hard lines when he was a respektable young man though not rich.
His lips were curled in hard lines and his teeth were clinched.
the wounded youth was once more reclining on the heap of pillows, his pale face set rigidly in the hard lines that told of pain resolutely endured.
I'd say they was pretty hard lines for a young fellow," he remarked.
Once more the horrible slate appeared when she had done, between the writing paper and her eyes, with the hard lines of warning pitilessly traced on it.
The hunters, on the other hand, had stronger and more diversified faces, with hard lines and the marks of the free play of passions.
It's pretty hard lines to stick a boy into an office at seventeen