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Kiln dried lumber of red oak (Quercus rubra L), black gum (Nyssa sylvatica Z), soft maple (Acer rubrum L), hard maple (Acer saccharum L), ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa L), and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb) Franco) were obtained and cut into 25 by 25 by 400-mm-long beams that were free of knots, stains, or other defects.
The 100-by-200-foot hard maple floor is the largest roller-skating rink in the area, says Mark Basich, Orbits general manager.
The best maple syrup comes from sugar maple or hard maple trees, because their sap has the highest sugar content.
According to Andy Johnson, Hardwood Publishing, early preferences from mill owners calls for more ash, aspen and cypress, and less red oak and hard maple.
The increased exports of white oak, walnut and hard maple to the region demonstrated a consistent demand for American hardwoods across a variety of species.
A hard maple floor (17 by 100 feet) was constructed on the third floor.
Linda Paustian of La Porte, Indiana, discovered that after a violent thunderstorm dropped about 40 hard maple and red oak trees on her home and property in June 2010.
The wood machines well and provides excellent workability and its strength and machining attributes surpass eastern soft maples - while having a price that is on average half of eastern hard maple."
At the same time, an attorney who represents Rabbi Chaim Abadi of Lakewood--whose company Hard Maple Realty owns the Frank Applegate Road site--is seeking to have the religious material, called shaimos, excluded from the state's solid waste management rules.
BEKA toys are made from sustainably farmed hard maple and are known for their durability and long-lasting play value.
It's a red and blue dyed piece of northern hard maple burl with a cyanoacrylate glue finish, wet sanded and buffed.