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Noun1.hard right - the extreme right wing
right wing, right - those who support political or social or economic conservatism; those who believe that things are better left unchanged
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I've seen how over the past few years he's become a verbal punching bag for both the hard right and selfidentifying moderates.
At every stage, Theresa May has pandered to the hard right of her party and the DUP.
Labour former minister David Lammy also said: "Some in our country on the hard right who are suggesting social disorder forget this is the country that faced down Mosley at home, faced down Hitler and Mussolini abroad - we can never give in to hard-right pressure."
She even fought for the constitutional rights of the very same religious extremists and hard right nationalists who would have had her silenced, they added.The participants of the reference also lit candles to pay homage to late Asma Jahangir who played a pivotal role in the struggle to fight the battle for the voiceless people and also for the restoration of democracy in the country on legal as well as human rights platforms.
BREXIT itself was and is a divisive enough issue but there is growing evidence of the hard right trying to turn it into a breeding ground for extremism.
Dutton's failure prevents Australian policy from shifting to the hard right, although there has been little policy discussion in the leadership struggle.
Perhaps these currents have something to do with the global rise of the hard right; in both Sri Lanka and Myanmar, many Buddhist clerics have combined their religious vision with a xenophobic hyper-nationalism to create a combustible mix that threatens members of minority ethnic and religious groups.
The Labour peer resigned as chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, claiming the Prime Minister had sided with Ukip and the "Tory hard right".
Europhile Labour peer Lord Adonis resigned as chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, claiming Mrs May had sided with Ukip and the "Tory hard right".
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