hard roll

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Noun1.hard roll - yeast-raised roll with a hard crusthard roll - yeast-raised roll with a hard crust
bun, roll - small rounded bread either plain or sweet
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From the open quick-service kitchen comes the sweet sound of sizzling meat, as a line cook grills up some Somali steak sandwiches--think cheesesteaks without the Cheez Whiz, topped with diced tomatoes and fried onions, and served on focaccia bread instead of a hard roll.
The small hard roll at the top that masquerades as a head rest, projects forward while the seat itself inclines back at a slight five degrees.
She doesn't have to save the pat of cheese the cafeteria so generously and Frenchly adds to any free hard roll, she doesn't save that pat for dinner.
Add a croissant or hard roll and butter with a slice of cheese and a large bottle of water.
The manufacturer of the grinding control system has announced the accuracy for the hard roll grinding.
79 is a magic price point for all their branded fresh lunches: fresh bowl salads as well as wraps, medium-size hoagies (or subs) that they call "Shorties," as well as croissant and hard roll sandwiches.
The brochure highlights several of Kimberly-Clark Professional's leading towels and towel dispensers, such as the patented ScottFold[R] Towel System, for one-at-a-time dispensing, every time; the Scott[R] 1000' Hard Roll Towel, which provides 25% more feet than standard 800' roll towels without increasing roll diameter; and the Windows[R] Dispenser line, with customizable "decorator strips" to match virtually any washroom decor.
The hard roll, shaped to resemble a stirrup ("beugel" in Austrian), was said to commemorate the King's favorite pastime -- horseback riding.
Lara cut his right hand with a bread knife while trying to cut through a hard roll on the flight over, but it will not effect his batting.
The LifeSavers division has also updated its traditional hard roll line with two flavors: tangy fruit swirls and hot cinnamon.
I stood next to them at the Seven-Eleven at lunch break, heard them order ham and cheese on a hard roll, Dr.