hard surface

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Verb1.hard surface - cover with asphalt or a similar surface; "hard-surface roads"
pave - cover with a material such as stone or concrete to make suitable for vehicle traffic; "pave the roads in the village"
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Only could be heard the sharp, jarring grate of the steel runners over the hard surface and the creak of the straining sled.
He only cried bitterly all day; and, when the long, dismal night came on, spread his little hands before his eyes to shut out the darkness, and crouching in the corner, tried to sleep: ever and anon waking with a start and tremble, and drawing himself closer and closer to the wall, as if to feel even its cold hard surface were a protection in the gloom and loneliness which surrounded him.
No hard surface collided with the tender little nose he thrust out tentatively before him.
He had ascended but two or three rungs when his head came suddenly and painfully in contact with a hard surface above him.
Lives frozen by age, so far as the present is concerned, to a hard surface, which neither reflects nor yields, at this season become soft and fluid, reflecting the shapes and colors of the present, as well as the shapes and colors of the past.
While there were a number of athletes picking up injuries due to the hard surface, the majority of the finishers were pleased to see the start of the cross-country season.
Reflecting on the cause of the injury, the coach said that it happened because of practising on the hard surface for more than six times a day.
Among the company's leading products is 511 Impregnator, the industry standard in hard surface floor sealers.
This results in cracking of the base metal and transfer of the cracks into the hard surface material, setting up areas for weld failure.
In the absence of a singularity, these theoretical objects would have a hard surface, and objects that get pulled to it would hit the surface and be destroyed.
While a singularity has no surface area, the noncollapsed object would have a hard surface. So material being pulled closer -- a star, for instance -- would not actually fall into a black hole, but hit this hard surface and be destroyed.
9,410,111 B2; SC Johnson & Son, Racine, WI, has been awarded a patent for a composition to be used on a hard surface.