hard worker

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Noun1.hard worker - one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or dutieshard worker - one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or duties
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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He had been a hard worker, a daring speculator with nerves of iron, and courage which would have glorified a nobler cause.
I'm only thirty-four, a hard worker, with a tidy sum to boot--not that I'm boasting about it.
It is said that the vast majority of the Heidelberg students are hard workers, and make the most of their opportunities; that they have no surplus means to spend in dissipation, and no time to spare for frolicking.
At eight o'clock when all these hard workers assemble to dine at Veneering's, it is understood that the cabs of Boots and Brewer mustn't leave the door, but that pails of water must be brought from the nearest baiting-place, and cast over the horses' legs on the very spot, lest Boots and Brewer should have instant occasion to mount and away.
Well, they are not hard workers, and very thoughtless and full of spirits; but I can't help liking them.
He does it because he's a hard worker and if he didn't do it, he'd get too heavy.
She was a hard worker, always focused and on point with the tasks given to us.
So, projecting yourself as a hard worker won't do much good to you.
I've always been a hard worker but now I feel like a lazy loser.
She's really a huge talent, and she's such a hard worker.
She was a hard worker, never moaned, grumbled or complained, and all through the bad weather she made sure the classrooms were kept warm.
FRIENDS and family have been remembering a hard worker who was always at the heart of the community.