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n. Vulgar Slang
One who inflexibly follows or enforces rules.

hard′-assed′ (-ăst′) adj.
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someone who is tough and uncompromising
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or hard′ass`,

Slang: Usu. Vulgar. n.
1. a person who follows rules and regulations meticulously and enforces them without exceptions.
2. Also, hard′-assed`. strict; intransigent.
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Here is Rosaldo, in "Observing," speaking in his own voice: "I flopped the first time I tried to hard-ass. Failure shut me up, made me feel / like I did the day the word elefante' eluded me, as if my tongue had been pulled / out by the root.
They've kidnapped a local engineer, so his mild-mannered meteorologist brother teams up with a hard-ass Treasury agent to rescue him and prevent the heist.
"I expected him to just be that hard-ass, that type that he plays so well on screen, but he really is just a sweet man."
He comes on like an honorable fellow, and in some ways he is, but he's also an unreasonable hard-ass, like the Great Santini with a touch of King Lear.
"He's a hard-ass, definitely," cornerback Arrion Springs said.
Every month in our industry some guy known for decades as a hard-ass confesses to giving up the macho .45 for the "girly" 9 due to the restrictions of age.
Synopsis: Ron McCallister's job is to be a hard-ass, to keep unwelcome degenerates out of Starlet's Alley.
I expected hard-ass, flexed andbuffed, spiky heels and silicon smile - a sinew of efficiency and hard ambition in a sharply tailored suit.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the 74-year-old 'Easy Rider' star will play a "grizzled, ultra traditionalist hard-ass" handyman's shop owner named Crawford in the show, who's no longer a leader among his band of survivors.
This cemented her reputation as the kind of hard-ass, win-at-all-costs competitor that I found impossible to fathom.
Staid Bernice Stokes becomes a hard-ass parole officer, while precocious Fontayne Gamble does drugs, does time and ends up on parole, though not initially under Bernice.
Jimmy, who also starred alongside Tam Dean Burn in A Satire of the Three Estates staged in the grounds of Linlithgow Palace earlier this year, said: "I'm the sympathetic one but in the past he's been quite hard-ass.