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Tightfisted; stingy.


stingy; miserly; closefisted.
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The template for arguments and counter arguments have remained unaltered and the usual suspects at the receiving end unchanged - an apathetic government, hard-fisted bureaucrats, cricket-obsessed media, indifferent officials, lack of infrastructure and new ideas and, of course, the millions of fans who endlessly suffer from selective amnesia.
To play his hard-fisted, good-hearted character of kickboxer Majid in "Wolf," Kenzari did 18 months of weight training, kickboxing and Bikram yoga.
Craddick, who has served in the House for 40 years, was known for his hard-fisted leadership style.
In the past, businesses have used their clout in the Legislature to protect debt collectors from enforcement actions, believing that they'd have to write off more bad debts if hard-fisted collection practices were curbed.