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hard line

A firm, uncompromising policy or position.

hard′-line′ adj.
hard′-lin′er n.
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[ˌhɑːdˈlaɪnəʳ] Nduro/a m/f (Pol) (= supporter) → partidario/a m/f de línea dura; (= politician) → político/a m/f de línea dura
the hard-liners of the partyel ala dura del partido
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Najafi resigned as mayor in 2018, after hard-liners criticized him over a video showing he attended a dance performance by young girls at a school show.
NEW DELHI: India's top court set up a mediation team on Friday to try to settle a land dispute between Muslims and Hindus over plans to build a Hindu temple on a site where hard-liners demolished a 16th century mosque.Attorney Vishnu Jain said the court gave the three-member team four weeks to submit its report.
DUBAI/LONDON: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected his foreign minister's resignation as "against national interests" Wednesday, bolstering a moderate ally who has long been targeted by hard-liners in factional struggles over the 2015 nuclear deal with the West.
Hard-liners had opposed joining the CFT, saying it threatened Iran's sovereignty.
Treasury Closing Summary: The financial markets took on the news that NEC's Cohn finally resigned from is advisor position in the wake of disagreement with Trump hard-liners on the scope and shape of proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.
Since Macedonia is also those who are angry and disappointed; Macedonia is Mickoski and his team, Macedonia are the hard-liners, Macedonia is one people who will believe in Zaev only if he honestly, not hypocritically, with deeds and not with words!--really believes in Macedonia.
The Senate's top Democrat, Chuck Schumer of New York, dismissed the plan Friday as a "wish list" for hard-liners. He acknowledged the bipartisan common ground on protections for the immigrants now shielded by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
The hard-liners in Iran insist (as they always do on these occasions) that the demonstrations that broke out on Thursday and have continued every day since are the work of "anti-revolutionaries and agents of foreign powers." Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has warned anti-government protesters they will face the nation's "iron fist" if political unrest continues.
The fear must remain though that Tory hard-liners will use the scheme to cut the welfare bill by paying all Universal Credit claimants in vouchers only exchangeable for goods in these post-best-by bins.
Ahmadinejad's firebrand style could prove appealing for hard-liners seeking a tough-talking candidate who can stand up to President Donald Trump.
With Iran's presidential election approaching, me dia are flooded with headlines suggesting that Iran is going to be the only country in the world where hard-liners will not score a victory in the polls.