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A hard-shell clam or hard-shell crab.
adj. also hard-shelled (-shĕld′)
1. Having a thick, heavy, or hardened shell.
2. Uncompromising; confirmed.
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Adj.1.hard-shelled - of animals or plants that have a hard shell
shelled - of animals or fruits that have a shell
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The other members of the tribe now took up the bombardment, using such hard-shelled fruits and dead branches as came within their reach, until Sheeta, goaded to frenzy and snapping at the grass rope, finally succeeded in severing its strands.
The club-wielding mantis shrimps are called smashers, because they smash open hard-shelled prey to get at their food.
The loggerhead is the largest hard-shelled sea turtle in the world.
Previous data collected elsewhere in Europe and Turkey suggested that the great ape's diet evolved from hard-shelled fruits and seeds to leaves, but these findings only contained samples from the early-Middle and Late Miocene, while lack data from the epoch of highest diversity of hominoids in Western Europe.
Their research, published in the journal Animal Cognition, looked at whether chimpanzees socially acquire their natural food preparation skills, known as "extractive foraging" (such as opening hard-shelled fruit) from within their communities.
hard-shelled exterior that only gives way and melts.
Few lobster lovers are ever disappointed in winter or spring because all lobsters then are hard-shelled and packed with meat.
The team found that eating hard-shelled prey, such as the trilobites that were ubiquitous at the time, would have fractured the critter's mouth plates, James Hagadorn of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science reported November 1.
These beautiful animals spend more time in the water than almost any other lizard species, and have a unique diet consisting primarily of hard-shelled river snails, clams, and crawfish.
That's because sea otters feast on sea urchins, a spiny, hard-shelled animal that eats away at the thick patches of kelp.
When creating art with hard-shelled gourds, an artist can use two-dimensional techniques while working three-dimensionally to produce unique designs.