n.1.A person who strictly enforces rules and regulations.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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You play as Deacon, a hardass biker navigating a zombie-infested open world.
(Save for the momeni your objection to any given government policy--I am enough of a hardass about smoking bans to have once led a protest against one--and instead concentrate on observable environmental and health improvements.)
Brigham (Brendan Gleeson, at his most hardass and no-nonsense) orders him into the front lines of battle, even going so far as to arrest him when he tries to wriggle his way out.
They're also totally hardass and can even take out scorpions.
More recently Singer has suggested that Kane was a "moral hardass who, through her plays, aimed to force others to think through the ethical paradoxes of their lives:' In Annabelle Singer, "Don't Want to Be This: The Elusive Sarah Kane," Drama Review 48 (2004): 139-71 (141).
In part, you have to have a big brain, you've got to be academic, you've got to be in part a wonk, you've got to be in part a negotiator, you've got to be in part a politician, you've got to be in part a statesman, you've got to be in part a shrink and a psychologist, you've got to be in part a hardass, and you probably have to be in part a little bit of a sadist to take on some of the challenges that we have to confront.
Trouble is, our 'hero' is an alcoholic coward a million miles from his on-screen persona as a hardass zombie slayer.
History will remember Dr Reid as the enforcer, the Labour hardass who held more government ministries than anyone before - and made no impact on any of them.
The youth Christian group Airborne asked for a series of shorts on themes such as "rejecting God", which resulted in The Saints, a 70s cop show featuring the characters detective Hardass and lieutenant Wuss, and "judgement", which led to the Judgement of the Haspennies: a French period drama, in which a countess has a secret lover but fears her father's wrath.
I don't think she's trying to exclude hardass chicks out of her roster.