A form of abstract painting characterized by clearly defined geometric shapes and often bright colors.
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7) For example, in a world that favored hefty, large-scale sculpture, Patsy Norvell, who had been making Robert Morris-inspired Minimalist "stacking" pieces of mirrors and metal, started using a sewing machine, creating wall-works of pleated vinyl, in tribute to forgotten women; Harmony Hammond, a hardedge abstract painter, began making Bags, consisting of fabric given to her by female friends, which was then attached to shoulder purses, treated with paint, and rubberized.
As an artist, Wardlaw has been active in and responsive to the major developments in painting since the appearance of Abstract Expressionism in the 1950s to the hardedge, Color Field and Minimalist painting of the '60s and '70s to the nonrepresentational art of the 21st century; today, his art is intensely personal and highly expressive in a very exciting way.
Even so, Evertz works in a way that is both conscious and deliberate, informed and evocative, so as to move easily from the gesture to the hardedge, to the color coordinates that envision the possibility of another network in the creation of pictorial space.
Torres Molina's theater depends very much on the spectator's willingness to accept a hardedge feminism, one characterized by the intransigent exposition of women's lives--most especially, given the nature of the dramatic voice, of women's discourse--and the disjunctive ways in which male and female experiences are enacted in lived humane experience.
Colon represent the hardedge, modern Nuyorican sound, while Lavoe depicted the more traditional Puerto Rican sound, and together they produced musical magic, the best of two Latin worlds.
Still, without the reading material, in the gallery it boils down to basically cheerful, lively hardedge abstraction.
One could add Philip Guston during his Ab Ex period and, maybe, the hardedge painter John McLaughlin to the mix as well.
One reason hardedge contemporary has not fared well is that many designs employ a bold primary color palette, that is reminiscent of the '60s, he said.
The hardedge, angled interior of a house nestled against the softness of a coastal environment in Gulf Hills in Ocean Springs is the award winner for single-family new construction custom home, 1800--2500 square feet.