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One that hardens, especially a substance added to varnish or paint to give it a harder surface or finish.
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1. a person or thing that hardens
2. (Dyeing) a substance added to paint or varnish to increase durability
3. (Chemistry) an ingredient of certain adhesives and synthetic resins that accelerates or promotes setting
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(ˈhɑr dn ər)

1. one that hardens.
2. a substance, esp. one mixed with paint, that makes a finish hard.
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A subsequent trial (the results of which were reported at the 2018 ACCE) worked with two more developmental grades of Recyclamine hardener, both of which were higher Tg than the grade used in the first trial.
LC-MS detected the component (melamine) of the hardener of the SR at 2.14 ppm in the 2 MTO, and 2.52 ppm in the 2.5 MTO solutions.
The coating with a hydrophobic surface includes a recycled crumb rubber coating layer comprising about 24-50 wt % of a crumb rubber, and about 25-75 wt % of an epoxy comprising a liquid epoxy resin and an epoxy hardener, and a first silane film comprising at least one silane and disposed on a surface of the recycled crumb rubber coating layer to form the hydrophobic surface.
Which is used to make a strong bond between two materials, the resin and hardener mixed together before using for make a strong bond.
Liberally apply Ronseal High Performance Wet Rot Wood Hardener (from PS7 for 250ml, B&Q) to make the remaining wood rock hard, then fill with a good exterior wood filler, such as Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler (from PS7 for 275g, B&Q), which is designed to rebuild rotten wood.
In addition, the aminated lignin is soluble in other amine agents, which could widen the application area of being a crosslinker or a hardener. So far, there are rare reports about aminated lignin being as a hardener of epoxy resin in this field [20].
The obtained hybrid can be formulated as a viscosity-stable 2K coating system by mixing pigments and fillers with waterborne polyamine hardener as Part A and the acrylic epoxy hybrid as Part B.
QYOU suggested a wood hardener to a reader recently.
A Try Ronseal Wet Rot Wood Hardener. It costs about [euro]10 for 250ml and you can get it from most DIY stores or paint suppliers.
Winter Blend is the fastest curing HydraLiner hardener and is ideal for cold weather conditions or for short applications that require a fast return to service.