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A woody plant (Spiraea tomentosa) in the rose family, native to eastern North America, having leaves with rusty down on the undersides and spikelike clusters of small rose-purple flowers. Also called steeplebush.


(Plants) a woody North American rosaceous plant, Spiraea tomentosa, with downy leaves and tapering clusters of small pink or white flowers. Also called: steeplebush



a woolly-leaved North American shrub, Spiraea tomentosa, of the rose family, having short, spikelike clusters of rose-colored flowers. Also called steeplebush.
[1805–15, Amer.]
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In areas where the wind had s-s-s-swirled much of the snow to spotty drifts, the t-t-twisted, fragile stems of June grass and the upright heathery hardhack wrote s-strange hieroglyphics against the whitened p-page.
All my childhood is in those bayberry-bushes, & queen-of-the-meadow, or maybe you call it hardhack, & rose-hips.
Small sites adjacent to the boardwalk were excavated, weeded of invaders such as salmonberry (Rubus spectablis), hardhack (Spirea douglasii), and salal, and labelled to allow visitors to identify sphagnum, bunchberry, Arctic starflower, and other bog plants.