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1. Stubborn; willful.
2. Realistic; pragmatic.

hard′head′ed·ly adv.
hard′head′ed·ness n.
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When asked how to best counter China's hardheadedness in complying with the arbitral court ruling, Jimbo said the international community should continue to rally behind the Philippines.
Lou has just enough discipline when it matters to make me proud of everything we've worked on, and so far he doesn't have the hardheadedness that Cali had at the same age--although there is no denying he has the advantage of a more structured life and more regular training.
admonished, they still persevere with their hardheadedness, let them be
Fernandez's role in all of it remains a mystery, he was not even booked at the time, he has indeed been excellent on the pitch for the Swans since signing and comes across as a rather mild-mannered figure lacking even the brutishness and hardheadedness that often marks a good centre-back.
With Benchere's emotional sphere in a state of flux, it becomes clear that his artistic and political views give him stability; his hardheadedness on these issues help him hold on to his sanity.
One only needs to read a few of Johnson's works to realize that he could have had no idea of the political enormities and nightmares that lay in the future, in the much heralded "age of progress and rationality'' foretold by French philosophers the likes of Voltaire and Rousseau, whom Johnson so despised for their impiety and hardheadedness.
The owners of the land have already agreed to sell the area to me but the council's hardheadedness is holding up what could be an aid to reducing its costs.
This would result in a gap between the faculties, into which would fall those jobs that require both commercial hardheadedness and creative thinking.
A friend and contemporary of Lukacs but also later his antagonist, Bloch wished to retain the hardheadedness and materialism of Marxism while also preserving the utopian impulse.
The prose mixes lyricism and hardheadedness in equal measure.
Pollack's hard-headed liberal internationalism could stand a few degrees more of hardheadedness.