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har·dy 1

adj. har·di·er, har·di·est
1. Able to withstand difficult or adverse conditions; robust: hardy explorers; hardy perennials.
a. Courageous; intrepid.
b. Archaic Brazenly daring; audacious.

[Middle English, from Old French hardi, past participle of hardir, make hard, embolden, of Germanic origin; see kar- in Indo-European roots.]

har′di·ly adv.
har′di·ness n.

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left to right: cold-cutting and hot-cutting hardy chisel heads

har·dy 2

n. pl. har·dies
A square-shanked chisel that fits into a square hole in an anvil.

[Probably from hard.]


the state or quality of being hardy
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Noun1.hardiness - the property of being strong and healthy in constitution
strength - the property of being physically or mentally strong; "fatigue sapped his strength"
2.hardiness - the trait of being willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger; "the proposal required great boldness"; "the plan required great hardiness of heart"
fearlessness - the trait of feeling no fear
adventurousness, venturesomeness - the trait of being adventurous
daredevilry, daredeviltry - boldness as manifested in rash and daredevil behavior
audaciousness, audacity, temerity - fearless daring
brazenness, shamelessness - behavior marked by a bold defiance of the proprieties and lack of shame


noun resilience, fortitude, toughness, robustness, ruggedness, sturdiness the hardiness, endurance and courage of my companions
جُرأه، شَجاعَه
òrautseigja, òrek


[ˈhɑːdɪnɪs] Nresistencia f


(= toughness)Zähigkeit f; (= hardened nature)Abgehärtetsein nt; (Bot) → Winterhärte f
(= courage)Unerschrockenheit f


[ˈhɑːdɪnɪs] nrobustezza


(ˈhaːdi) adjective
tough; strong; able to bear cold, tiredness etc. This plant is very hardy and able to survive even rough winter weather.
ˈhardiness noun
References in classic literature ?
Horses of this race were, and are still, in much request as saddle horses, on account of their hardiness and the ease of their movements.
But the HOUYHNHNMS train up their youth to strength, speed, and hardiness, by exercising them in running races up and down steep hills, and over hard stony grounds; and when they are all in a sweat, they are ordered to leap over head and ears into a pond or river.
They have their own nature; they can of themselves minister to our self-esteem by the demand their qualities make upon our skill and their shortcomings upon our hardiness and endurance.
Is it impossible to combine the hardiness of these savages with the intellectualness of the civilized man?
To learn TO LOOK AWAY FROM oneself, is necessary in order to see MANY THINGS:--this hardiness is needed by every mountain-climber.
I have often wondered even at my own hardiness another way, that when all my companions were surprised and fell so suddenly into the hand of justice, and that I so narrowly escaped, yet I could not all this while enter into one serious resolution to leave off this trade, and especially considering that I was now very far from being poor; that the temptation of necessity, which is generally the introduction of all such wickedness, was now removed; for I had near #500 by me in ready money, on which I might have lived very well, if I had thought fit to have retired; but I say, I had not so much as the least inclination to leave off; no, not so much as I had before when I had but #200 beforehand, and when I had no such frightful examples before my eyes as these were.
Exploring how the honey business has been transformed in the last few decades, the film features an interview with a keeper who transports his thousands of hives around the US to pollinate crops, and another who's decided to exploit the hardiness of the invading African 'killer' bee which now threatens the native breed.
Additional sections provide glossaries, hardiness zone charts, listings of gardening resources, and suggestions for further reading.
Drinkers in the city are famed for their hardiness and going out without a top layer - but officers said wrongly-dressed revellers in taxi queues risked hypothermia.
They thrive in all reasonable garden soils in sun or light shade, although they vary in winter hardiness and length of flowering time.
RBS economist Philip McKinnon said: "The North West private sector economy showed its hardiness in August.
Des Johnson, brand director for Carling, said: "Newcastle was chosen as the backdrop for the ad because of the city's striking buildings and for the quality of the local extras who are famed for their hardiness in terrible weather.