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A hard-surfaced area for parking aircraft or ground vehicles.



also hard′stand`ing,

a hard-surfaced area on which heavy vehicles or airplanes can be parked.


1. A paved or stabilized area where vehicles are parked.
2. Open ground area having a prepared surface and used for the storage of materiel.
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raw water tanks with a minimum total liquid volume of 9,470m3, completed with foundations and supports; provision of scour and overflow pipelines; provision of new tanks and hardstand drainage; provision of 1 no.
Leading up to the race, InfoTrack will go onto the hardstand for appraisal, and there will be new sails and extensive maintenance.
Roger Hickel Contracting is working with UPS for the Gateway Hardstand Replacement Phase II at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.
CREATURE FEATURES BRING "We put them straight on to the hardstand section of their paddock while they settled in but hope to have them out to explore the rest of it as soon as possible.
The solution does not require any special application equipment and is supplied as a free-flowing, non-hazardous, eco-friendly liquid that is diluted into water carts and applied to roads, airstrips, hardstand areas and walkways.
Six hardstand external connection points for tactical vehicles.
To the side of the garage is a vehicular hardstand providing additional off road parking.
All it requires from the requesting unit is a hardstand approximately 50 feet by 70 feet.
The center comprises a large tire pad, training rooms, offices, workshop and hardstand.
For the NNP, 70x10 6 m 3 of rock is being blasted and transferred by 500 dump trucks for use as hardstand across the rest of the development, raising the level of the land by 4.
There are areas of hardstand parking, established lawned gardens and a variety of patio areas.