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 (här′ē-kär′ē, hăr′ē-kăr′ē)
Variant of hara-kiri.
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(Other Non-Christian Religions) a non-Japanese variant of hara-kiri
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(ˈhɑr əˈkɪər i, ˈhær ə-, ˈhær i-)

also hari-kari

1. ceremonial suicide by ripping open the abdomen with a dagger or knife: formerly practiced in Japan by members of the warrior class when disgraced or sentenced to death.
2. any suicidal action; a self-destructive act: political hara-kiri.
[1855–60; < Japanese, =hara belly + kiri cut]
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Mulcahy for some weeks understood very little of anything at all save that ever at his elbow, in camp or at parade, stood two big men with soft voices adjuring him to commit hari-kari lest a worse thing should happen - to die for the honour of the regiment in decency among the nearest knives.
Instead of holding fast to a retail model that is not as relevant as before, Lowe's is committing a form of retail hari-kari, offering customers in-home job estimates, interior and exterior design support and installation services that a few years ago would have been considered heretical.
Semidetached Gaston Ramirez put in stupid hari-kari tackle that sabotaged any hopes of salvaging a game that was already slipping away.
Unfortunately in what can only be descried as a classic case of corporate hari-kari in a speech to business leaders he described a decanter as "crap".
Worcester were brave but committed hari-kari in the second half with some dopey kicking as Saracens upped the pace.
There was no caving in, far, far less defensive hari-kari and much more titfor-tat attacking as Gary Rowett's men posed as many questions as they were asked.
Judge Jephthah makes an impulsive oath, and judge Samson is a muscle-bound dullard who commits hari-kari. Not your typical war manual by any stretch.
As Morrison explained, "the Japanese believed hari-kari was honorable, but if they were ordered to report by the Emperor, they would obey rather than face disgrace and the wrath of their dead ancestors for refusing to comply with an order from their ruler." (15)
The voters committed hari-kari at the ballot box by ushering in a new Republican-controlled Senate while retaining a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.
Co-op group chairman Len Wardle fell (https://www.google.com/url?q=http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/523410/20131119/co-op-crystal-meth-paul-flowers-len.htm&sa=U&ei=boqPUvW2GKaE4ASIlIHwCw&ved=0CAoQFjAC&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNEWzEUxB-7yliVH2aGNXKQK6fQUcQ) on his sword in an act of corporate hari-kari over the scandal.
the White House Grass - It's all Dewey." Sixteen years later, President Lyndon Johnson's forces came up with "Hari-Kari with Barry" and "In Your Guts You Know He's Nuts," both aimed at Sen.