haricot vert

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Noun1.haricot vert - very small and slender green bean
green bean - immature bean pod eaten as a vegetable
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For mains, her pick is the duck a l'orange (magret duck, orange sauce, potato Lyonnaise, sauteed haricot vert, arugula) or any of their steaks.
[beaucoup moins que]De meme que le haricot vert qui est vendu a 200 DA/kilo.
After the whites came the reds, which were served with Chef Allan's Duo of Braised Short Ribs and Lambchops, with sweet potato, banana heart, king oyster, cashew, haricot vert, and sassafras jus.
Disappearing even faster than the salted egg crab are the Golden Beans, which are French green beans (haricot vert) in salted egg sauce.
Pensby High School student and Evertonian Bethan, who served Tony a medallion of Brazilian steak with Diane sauce, dauphinoise potato and haricot vert and Vichy carrots, said: "It was fantastic to cook for Tony."
Right now they are growing some edible flowers and experimenting with pea tendrils, haricot vert beans and sugar snaps.
Chilled Jumbo Shrimp with Honeycrisp Apple, Haricot Vert and Dijon Vinaigrette, was paired with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.
And don't forget that timeless piece of haricot vert haute couture - the pea hat!
Depuis quelques jours, a l'instar de nombre de regions du royaume, la zone du Souss Massa a ete profondement affectee par cette avalanche de froid qui s'est attaquee a des productions agricoles, telles la courgette, l'asperge, la pomme de terre, le poivron, le haricot vert, le petit pois et autres legumes.
HARICOT VERT GOAT CHEESE AND PROSCIUTTO SALAD 2 shallots, minced 1/4 cup sherry wine vinegar 2 pounds petite green beans (fresh) 1 tube herbed goat cheese Juice of two fresh lemons Extra virgin olive oil 1/2 pound prosciutto, thinly sliced salt and pepper
Yield: 4 servings HARICOT VERTS WITH TOASTED ALMONDS AND LEMON BUTTER 1 pound fresh haricot vert beans 3 tablespoons butter Juice of 1 lemon 1/2 cup almonds, toasted In a medium-size pan, bring one inch of salted water to a boil.