haricots verts

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Noun1.haricots verts - very small and slender green bean
green bean - immature bean pod eaten as a vegetable
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Unimer pour les conserves de sardines et de maquereaux,Vinaigreries Cherifiennes Reunies (VCR) pour les condiments, le vinaigre, la confiture, les pates alimentaires, les cornichons, les haricots verts et les piments, Top Food Morocco et Uniconserves pour les concentres de tomates, les capres, les abricots et les olives.
Quant au poivron vert de tres bonne qualite, il s'affiche au prix de 70 DA le kg, la carotte atteint les 40 DA et les haricots verts varient de 60 a 75 DA le kg.
Haricots Verts et Les Carottes (Green Beans and Carrots)
The recipes that follow range from a Hunter's Chicken Stew with Tomatoes and Mushrooms; a Bistro Burger with Caramelized Onions; Panfried Tofu with Chimichurri Sauce; and Cheese Tortellini with Butternut Hash and Toasted Hazelnuts; to Jalapeno, Pork, and Hominy Chili; Mediterranean Salad with Seared Tuna; Roasted Balsamic Haricots Verts with Slivered Almonds; and a Raspberry Pudding Cake.
It was a big slice of cod with the touch of Nicoise in the haricots verts (green beans), potatoes and tomatoes.
Popular mainstays include Horseradish Crusted Cod with crispy leeks, herb mashed potatoes and a balsamic shallot reduction; Crisp Roasted Duckling, haricots verts, Himalayan red rice and mango chutney sauce and, "the very popular" Shepherd's Pie.
Dishes include grilled cocoa-ajwaan kobe bavette steak, served with truffled potato-celery root puree and Zinfandel butter, as well as Pacific Ono seared rare, haricots verts, baby carrots, butterball potatoes, hummus and fresh curry leaf.
They are known by the French as haricots verts, which translates literally to "green beans," and also are commonly called string beans and snap beans.
2 pounds green and purple haricots verts, trimmed, blanched
The roll showcases extra large escargot sauteed with shallots and shiso in a soy dashi butter, over an open-faced tempura haricots verts and fennel maki topped with shelled edamame and shiso.
Her favorites, she wrote, are Trader Joe's Haricots Verts, all of the Cascadian Farm berries, boxed Green Giant spinach and Birds Eye New Baby Peas.