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w>hark back to

vi +prep objzurückkommen; this custom harks back to the days when …dieser Brauch geht auf die Zeit zurück, als …; he’s always harking back to the good old dayser fängt immer wieder von der guten alten Zeit an; the author is harking back to former timesder Autor geht auf vergangene Zeiten zurück
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If you're looking for a new perspective on how people live, and long to hark back to your childhood days (when a tree house was the place you most wanted to live), then this fun and informative read is well worth branching out for.
Their deadly actions and words hark back to our bloody past.
Packed with '80s anthems like Holding Out For A Hero, Let's Hear It For The Boy and, of course, the title track, it's a must for all those who hark back to the era.
The idea is to hark back to the days when all Britain's TV shows were transmitted live from Alexandra Palace.
Lord Kinnock hit back at the party's former chief spin doctor, after having been accused of wanting to hark back to a previous age in his support for Ed Miliband's party leadership bid.
But hark back to the promise if people purchased early season tickets, money would go to strengthen the team.
In my opinion Liverpool has suffered over the years from unimaginative planning, or imaginative designs have been scuppered by people who want to always hark back to past glories.
Ballads Stargazer and Play On, the latter a surefire success, hark back to an even earlier era.
THE reply from Blaydon representative Dave Anderson to a letter of mine (Voice of the North, October 13 & 7) makes me wonder why MPs always hark back to history?
The Viennese Balls in Liverpool hark back to this period.
He will say: "Some people will always hark back to the 'good old days'.
TOMORROW'S bill at the Colosseum is topped by Manchester outfit Performance, fresh off the NME Brats tour, who hark back to the likes of Depeche Mode, Human League and Joy Division for their electro influences.