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also har·ken  (här′kən)
intr.v. hear·kened, hear·ken·ing, hear·kens
Archaic To listen attentively; give heed.
Phrasal Verb:
hearken back
Usage Problem To hark back.

[Middle English herknen, from Old English hercnian; see kous- in Indo-European roots.]
Usage Note: Traditionally, hearken means "to listen." The word has an archaic and formal air today, in part stemming from its extensive use in the King James Bible (as in Mark 7:14 "Hearken unto me, every one of you") and in traditional storytelling. In contemporary usage, hearken is more often used where one might expect hark, no doubt because of sound similarity: The movie hearkens back to the sci-fi films of the 1950s. The Usage Panel has mixed feelings about this. In our 2009 survey, just 48 percent accepted this example.


(ˈhɑːkən) or


archaic to listen to (something)
[Old English heorcnian; see hark]
ˈhearkener n


or hark•en

(ˈhɑr kən)

1. to give heed or attention to what is said; listen.
2. Archaic. to listen to; hear.
[1150–1200; Middle English hercnen, Old English he(o)rcnian, suffixed form of assumed *heorcian; see hark, -en1]
heark′en•er, n.


- To pay attention or listen; it can also mean "to return to a previous topic."
See also related terms for listen.


Past participle: hearkened
Gerund: hearkening

I hearken
you hearken
he/she/it hearkens
we hearken
you hearken
they hearken
I hearkened
you hearkened
he/she/it hearkened
we hearkened
you hearkened
they hearkened
Present Continuous
I am hearkening
you are hearkening
he/she/it is hearkening
we are hearkening
you are hearkening
they are hearkening
Present Perfect
I have hearkened
you have hearkened
he/she/it has hearkened
we have hearkened
you have hearkened
they have hearkened
Past Continuous
I was hearkening
you were hearkening
he/she/it was hearkening
we were hearkening
you were hearkening
they were hearkening
Past Perfect
I had hearkened
you had hearkened
he/she/it had hearkened
we had hearkened
you had hearkened
they had hearkened
I will hearken
you will hearken
he/she/it will hearken
we will hearken
you will hearken
they will hearken
Future Perfect
I will have hearkened
you will have hearkened
he/she/it will have hearkened
we will have hearkened
you will have hearkened
they will have hearkened
Future Continuous
I will be hearkening
you will be hearkening
he/she/it will be hearkening
we will be hearkening
you will be hearkening
they will be hearkening
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been hearkening
you have been hearkening
he/she/it has been hearkening
we have been hearkening
you have been hearkening
they have been hearkening
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been hearkening
you will have been hearkening
he/she/it will have been hearkening
we will have been hearkening
you will have been hearkening
they will have been hearkening
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been hearkening
you had been hearkening
he/she/it had been hearkening
we had been hearkening
you had been hearkening
they had been hearkening
I would hearken
you would hearken
he/she/it would hearken
we would hearken
you would hearken
they would hearken
Past Conditional
I would have hearkened
you would have hearkened
he/she/it would have hearkened
we would have hearkened
you would have hearkened
they would have hearkened
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Verb1.hearken - listen; used mostly in the imperative
listen - hear with intention; "Listen to the sound of this cello"


also harken
1. To make an effort to hear something:
Archaic: list.
Idiom: give an ear.
2. Archaic. To perceive by ear, usually attentively:
Idiom: give one's ear.


[ˈhɑːkən] VI (archaic, liter) to hearken toescuchar


vi (old, liter)horchen (→ to auf +acc)
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Built in 7.62 and 6.5 Creedmoor the 2019 REPR MKII will ship in a Side Charge configuration harkening back to the original REPR MKI.
Harkening back to school days, Penshoppe's Pre-Holiday 2018 collection is a playful clash of old meets new.
The single sword will thus make its reappearance, harkening back to the time when Zulfikar Ali Bhutto contested elections for the first and second time in 1970 and 1977, respectively.
Students of her work will recognize the graphic themes that preoccupied her throughout her career, like the continuous angular line of Red Meander (both a 1954 weaving and a pair of prints from 1969-71) and the series of drawings of elegant (though much-erased and redrawn) stringlike lines intersecting as loose knots, harkening back to gouaches from the 1940s and prints from the 1960s.
Harkening back to the magic and lessons learned from classic fairy tales, "Piece By Piece" imaginative tale reminds readers of all ages of the importance of pursuing one's dreams and following one's heart.
The story is told by an Iraqi dog named "Leader," harkening back to traditions of storytelling from the perspectives of animals.
The final chapters discuss queer politics as entwined with feminism and anti-capitalism, and harkening back to the original use of the word oqueero when, synonymous with gay, it connoted rebellion and culture-bending.
In his statement, al-Lahham extolled the achievements of the October War, harkening back to the days when Arab armies were united against Israeli occupation, while now some Arab regimes chose to make new enemies and turned to funding and arming terrorists in Syria in service of Israel.
There's a classic metal feel about songs such as "Waves'' and "Deadly Are the Words,'' harkening back to the Judas Priest era, and the crisp and stentorian vocals give each song both clarity and power.
First reaction is it seems like a good idea - harkening back to a more simple trading time and providing something of a service to people who find it difficult to walk too far from their homes.
In one of the case studies appearing in this issue, Jason Clark likens his BookMeUp app to a mobile reader's advisory service, harkening back to the early 20th century to make a point about how libraries can continue to serve readers in the mobile age.