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A woman prostitute.

[Middle English, vagabond, itinerant jester, rascal, lecher, harlot, from Old French arlot, herlot, vagabond, of unknown origin.]

har′lot·ry (-lə-trē) n.
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(ˈhɑr lə tri)

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the state or practice of being a harlot or prostitute.
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Noun1.harlotry - offering sexual intercourse for payharlotry - offering sexual intercourse for pay
vice crime - a vice that is illegal
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Similarly, writing as Oliver Oldschool, Joseph Dennie claimed that Franklin, "as a deist," "supported his religion with the arts of infidelity; with the rank garbage of Mandeville, Tindal, and Chubb; with the crumbs that fell from those poor men's tables." He concluded his diatribe by calling Franklin "one of our first Jacobins, the first to lay his head in the lap of French harlotry; and prostrate the Christianity and honour of his country to the deism and democracies of Paris" ([Dennie] 1801, 53).
He sees no sin in this harlotry as long as the proceeds of the dingy outing pours into the vaults of his second term ambition.
The moment echoes several earlier attempts on the part of London's men to pay Moll for sex; her exterior may be masculine, but she rejects accusations of harlotry when she insists that she has earned everything honestly, from her gold to her sexual agency.
by her harlotry and sorceries beguiled nations and peoples." Nahum continues, "T am against you,' declares the Lord Almighty.
Ismail Omer Terab said the human trafficking includes the exploitation of human in forced labor and harlotry as well as recruitment of children by armed movements.
And how, under this modern and inconceivably wicked system of the State supervision of harlotry for the protection of the male sinner, the fate of outcast woman becomes tenfold dark and more hopeless.
After the fall, Neftali began to accuse his sisters and his poor fat mother of harlotry. When the priest installed himself in the offices of the glass chapel, burning himself, regularly, on the pews in the amplified sun, Neftali became unmanageable.
Muslims are split on the matter of Shariah and an opinion prevail that these are not implacable values in the modern age (The Express Tribune, 2013).In many Muslim countries, homosexuality, harlotry, dipsomania, alcohol consumption and suicide are considered unethical by a great majority of people in several Muslim countries but an individual act, and have sharp differences on issues such as polygamy.
Thomas Aquinas argued against the banning of "harlotry" because if it were banned "the world will be convulsed with lust."
When Tamar becomes pregnant with twins, Judah decides that she should be executed for harlotry. But Tamar pulls out his staff and seal and says, "Oh, by the way, the father of my children is the owner of these."
Rebuke your mother, rebuke her--for she is not My wife and I am not her husband--and let her put away her harlotry from her face and her adultery from between her breasts.