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Causing or capable of causing harm; injurious.

harm′ful·ly adv.
harm′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.harmfully - in a detrimental manner
harmlessly - in a harmless manner; "this is a harmlessly childish game"
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Public transport needs to be more affordable if the authorities are serious about tackling climate change and the impact on health of emissions and harmfully poor air quality."
The inspector felt it spoiled views along that part of Grosvenor Street and 'imposed harmfully' upon the setting of close by Grade II-listed buildings.
More chances are taken, adventures abound and lifestyles swiftly perk-up but one risk too many upsets a vicious housing baron and violent conflict ensues, harmfully affecting most of the neighbourhood of St.
"Just as I leap toward you (Moon) yet cannot touch you, so too may all our enemies and their rhetoric be unable to touch us harmfully."
LCCI President claimed that Section 38-B of Sales Tax Act, 1990 was being harmfully used by the officials of tax department as they were visiting markets and business premises to unjustifiably harass the business doing people.
The seeming perspective though is that homosexuality is a deeper problem than heterosexual activity and even sexual deviancy that has plagued the church much more harmfully.
The ACLU of Maryland disagreed, stating in the brief that the cross is "a massive concrete thumb on the scale in favor of a preferred set of religious beliefs, improperly and harmfully defining political in- and out-groups."
There Is No Difference makes a compelling argument that the ill-conceived and harmfully interpreted Section 35 of Canada's Constitution, which protects "existing Aboriginal rights," should be legally curtailed.
It also ignores the extent to which aspirations to a resurgent imperial global grandeur have resurfaced, so explicitly and harmfully in the case for Brexit.
As a result, the entirety of Sri Lanka impacts harmfully on coral reefs, sea grass beds, deep sea, beaches, lagoons and estuaries.