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1. Not causing or incapable of causing harm.
2. Not intended to harm or offend; inoffensive.
a. Of or relating to an error in a trial that would not change the outcome and therefore does not call for a reversal of the case on appeal.
b. Not giving rise to legal liability: an agreement to treat another party's behavior as harmless.

harm′less·ly adv.
harm′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.harmlessly - in a harmless manner; "this is a harmlessly childish game"
detrimentally, harmfully, noxiously - in a detrimental manner
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بدون ضَرَر، بِدون أذى
zararsız bir şekilde


[ˈhɑːmlɪslɪ] ADV [remark] → inocuamente, inofensivamente; [explode, fall] → sin causar daños
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(= without causing damage)harmlos; the missile exploded harmlessly outside the towndie Rakete explodierte außerhalb der Stadt, ohne Schaden anzurichten
(= inoffensively)harmlos, arglos; they lived harmlessly in their seaside paradisesie lebten arglos in ihrem Paradies am Meer
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(haːm) noun
damage; injury; distress. I'll make sure you come to no harm; He meant no harm; It'll do you no harm to go.
to cause (a person) harm. There's no need to be frightened – he won't harm you.
ˈharmful adjective
doing harm. Medicines can be harmful if you take too much of them.
ˈharmless adjective
not dangerous or liable to cause harm. Don't be frightened of that snake – it's harmless.
ˈharmlessly adverb
ˈharmlessness noun
out of harm's way
in a safe place. I'll put this glass vase out of harm's way, so that it doesn't get broken.
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Kantos Kan perceived my coup and stepping quickly to my side he placed his foot upon my neck and withdrawing his sword from my body gave me the final death blow through the neck which is supposed to sever the jugular vein, but in this instance the cold blade slipped harmlessly into the sand of the arena.
Similarly a man who committed a murder twenty years ago and has since lived peaceably and harmlessly in society seems less guilty and his action more due to the law of inevitability, to someone who considers his action after twenty years have elapsed than to one who examined it the day after it was committed.
But the Englishman was close to him--so close that his hand reached the leveled barrel a fraction of a second before the hammer fell upon the cartridge, and the bullet that was intended for Tarzan's heart whirred harmlessly above his head.
Their flint-headed arrows were but childish weapons compared with the matchlocks of the Puritans, and would have rattled harmlessly against the steel caps and hammered iron breastplates which inclosed each soldier in an individual fortress.
At that instant the buck turned, the long pole glanced by him, the iron striking against his horn, and buried itself harmlessly in the lake.
Upon its smooth, impenetrable surface the puny dagger-thrusts of spite and envy glance harmlessly aside.
He did not care if Griffiths absorbed Mildred's attention, he would have her to himself during the evening: he had something of the attitude of a loving husband, confident in his wife's affection, who looks on with amusement while she flirts harmlessly with a stranger.
It was a mighty cast, well intended, but the shadow, leaping, received the spear harmlessly between the legs, and, tripping upon it, was flung sprawling.
At any rate, Dede and Daylight became aware of excitement in the paddock, and saw harmlessly reenacted a grim old tragedy of the Younger World.
"In my humble way," he confesses, "I like to make the world about me brighter." Laughter (harmlessly produced, observe!) is the element in which he lives and breathes.
My wife and I did our best to keep the conversation moving as easily and as harmlessly as might be.
The woman's heart, hungering in its horrible isolation for something that it might harmlessly love, welcomed the rescued waif of the streets as a consolation sent from God.