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Noun1.harmonisation - a piece of harmonized music
musical harmony, harmony - the structure of music with respect to the composition and progression of chords
reharmonisation, reharmonization - a piece of music whose original harmony has been revised
2.harmonisation - singing in harmony
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
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خَلْق إنْسِجام ، مُلائَمَه، تَنْسيق
samstilling; raddsetning, útsetning


(ˈhaːməni) plural ˈharmonies noun
1. (of musical sounds, colours etc) (the state of forming) a pleasing combination. The singers sang in harmony.
2. the agreement of people's feelings, opinions etc. Few married couples live in perfect harmony.
harˈmonic (-ˈmo-) adjective
of, or concerned with, especially musical harmony.
harˈmonious (-ˈməu-) adjective
1. pleasant-sounding. a harmonious melody.
2. pleasant to the eye. a harmonious colour scheme.
3. without disagreement or bad feeling. a harmonious relationship.
harˈmoniously adverb
harˈmoniousness noun
ˈharmonize, ˈharmonise verb
1. to sing or play musical instruments in harmony.
2. to add different parts to (a melody) to form harmonies.
3. to (cause to) be in harmony or agreement. The colours in this room harmonize nicely.
harmoniˈzation, harmoniˈsation noun
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Ahmed who saluted the maturity displayed in handling the harmonisation process tasked the new executive to work hard in ensuring entrenchment of good governance in the state.
The Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) today clarified that it indeed has a Syariah and Harmonisation of Law Division to address issues related to Shariah law at federal and international levels.
This research analyses major differences between local accounting legislation (known as de jure harmonisation; Fontes et al.
The member states agreed to: Harmonisation of Regulations, Codes and Standards for electricity Grids are of vital importance for cross-border electricity trade in the region.
Jaguar Land Rover and Renault have both supported the EU's plan for the standardisation and harmonisation of autonomous vehicle technology.
According to Akinci, during Monday's meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades, the two leaders agreed to create a committee for economic harmonisation, with European Union experts expected to arrive on the island to assist with operations.
The controversial issue is EU harmonisation of administrative sanctions for persons or entities that violate the rules under the reform.
The law and policy of harmonisation in Europe's internal market.
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The article aims to draw attention to the Personal Income Tax in EU member states, in the context of ongoing tax harmonisation. It does not offer a definitive answer whether income tax harmonisation is legally permitted nor whether it makes sense from the perspective of tax economics.