harness racing

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harness race

A horserace between standardbreds harnessed to sulkies.

harness racing n.
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Noun1.harness racing - a horse race between people riding in sulkies behind horses that are trotting or pacingharness racing - a horse race between people riding in sulkies behind horses that are trotting or pacing
horse race - a contest of speed between horses; usually held for the purpose of betting
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25, plus Joe Mazzone's picks for harness racing at Hawthorne.
English reins man Richard Haythornthwaite was the star of the show at last week's Corbiewood harness racing night, bagging four of the six races on offer.
HARNESS racing or trotting is a popular sport in many parts of Wales, but it's in the west where it draws the biggest crowds.
TODAY sees harness racing come to Newcastle in a first for Gosforth Park which is being welcomed by fans of the traditional sport.
HARNESS racing returns to Tyneside today, in a first for Nerwcastle's Gosforth Park.
Five years prior to that harness racing had made a temporary return to Wearside for the first time in 17 years, with the association keen to promote it to those who knew nothing about it.
Harness racing will take place at the course for the penultimate fixture of a five-day series that began in June, with the finale scheduled for Sunday, September 25.
The freelance journalist, based in Herefordshire, has been heavily involved in both point-to-point and harness racing for more years than she probably cares to remember.
Along with supporting RUS New York, Crawford Farms is also a major sponsor of the upcoming harness racing television series.
George will report directly to senior vice president of Regional Operations for the company, John Finamore and oversee the construction, staffing and expected opening of the casino in 2015, besides the current and ongoing standardbred harness racing operations at the facility.
You have saved the harness racing industry in Massachusetts.