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 (här′kə-bəs, -kwə-) also ar·que·bus (är′-)
A heavy portable matchlock gun invented during the 1400s. Also called hackbut.

[Obsolete French harquebuse, from Old French, alteration of Middle Dutch hakebus : hake, hook; see keg- in Indo-European roots + busse, gun (from Late Latin buxis, box; see box1).]
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(ˈhɑːkwɪbəs) ,




n, pl -buses or -busses
(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) variant forms of arquebus
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(ˈhɑr kwə bəs)

n., pl. -bus•es.
small-caliber long gun operated by a matchlock or wheel-lock mechanism, dating from about 1400.
[1525–35; < Middle French harquebusche (with intrusive -r-) < Middle Dutch hākebusse=hāke hook + busse gun (literally, box) < Late Latin buxis, for Latin buxus box1]
har`que•bus•ier′ (-kwə bəˈsɪər) n.
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Noun1.harquebus - an obsolete firearm with a long barrelharquebus - an obsolete firearm with a long barrel
muzzle loader - an obsolete firearm that was loaded through the muzzle
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[ˈhɑːkwɪbəs] N (Hist) → arcabuz m
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Near the skeleton lay a helmet of hammered brass and a corroded breastplate of steel while at one side was a long, straight sword in its scabbard and an ancient harquebus. The bones were those of a large man--a man of wondrous strength and vitality Tarzan knew he must have been to have penetrated thus far through the dangers of Africa with such a ponderous yet at the same time futile armament.
Caption: This Manchu soldier, circa 1860, is still armed with a matchlock harquebus.
In the 1957 Foret edition illustrations, Dali utilized lithographic stones and an antique shotgun, a harquebus, to fire balloons of paint onto them.
Harquebus and blunderbuss are old firearms built with an iron barrel and a wooden box.
He was missing some teeth and a usable left hand, lost "when he was hit by a harquebus shot while boarding a Turkish galleon at the Battle of Lepanto." Not only a wounded veteran, Cervantes was also a onetime prisoner of Barbary pirates and a writer of modestly successful plays and poems who was struggling to support an extended household with even lower prospects than his own, which is saying a lot, as Egginton makes clear in his assorted re-creations of the writer's situation, all of which he calibrates as either physical or psychological inspirations for the novel itself.
Past attendees (How to do Business with the Indian Armed Forces Masterclass, 9th June 2015, London, UK) include: AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd, Bohemia Interactive Simulations UK, Harquebus LTD, Rolls-Royce Plc, RUAG Switzerland Ltd, Ruslan International, TVS Supply Chain Solutions and UKTI Defence & Security Organisation.
early as 1526 of the Arsenal of Venice ordering harquebus barrels from
A one-S bus takes kids to school, A two-S buss, a kiss that's cool, But I'll bet you a harquebus you never met a three-S busss.