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It was her keeper who tore her away in the end, cling as she would to Michael, screaming all the while like a harridan. When her hold was broken, she sprang at the man in a fury, and, before he could throttle her to subjection, sank her teeth into his thumb and wrist.
Why is that tattling old harridan, Peggy O'Dowd, to make free with my name at her d--d supper-table, and advertise my engagement over the three kingdoms?
Parry as somewhat elderly, by no means beautiful, very much made up--an insolent old harridan, in short, whose parties were amusing because one met odd people; but Helen herself always pitied poor Mr.
It was like a goad to the painted, shiny-eyed harridan on the sofa.
Mind that, you impudent old harridans. If you make a fool of me again, I'll soon cure you, I warrant you!'
There were drunken peasants; snub-nosed old harridans in slippers; bareheaded artisans; cab drivers; every species of beggar; boys; a locksmith's apprentice in a striped smock, with lean, emaciated features which seemed to have been washed in rancid oil; an ex-soldier who was offering penknives and copper rings for sale; and so on, and so on.
Those harridans on the panels upstairs have unsettled you.
In a since-deleted comment on Facebook, Mr Robertson wrote: "She would look better with a noose around her neck", in response to another user who had asked him to "stop sharing pictures of that ugly harridan".
Featuring sets of parents you'd never tire of slapping, they'll make you glad to be a hard-up, harassed harridan screeching at the kids to do their homework.
Dragged up with the other unfortunates under the gimlet eye of gin-soaked Miss Harridan, sorry Hannigan (Lesley Joseph), the red-pigtailed one is determined to make a break for freedom.
Worse still was the bellowing from the harridan at the hapless kids and brow-beaten hubby.
The foul-mouthed harridan hopes daughter Cathy (Jennifer Gibney) will take up the mantle but a dastardly developer, PR Irwin (Dermot Crowley), intervenes with plans to bulldoze the site.