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har·ri·er 1

1. One that harries.
2. Any of various slender, narrow-winged hawks of the genus Circus that are found worldwide and prey on small animals.

[Sense 2, alteration (influenced by harry) of obsolete harrower, from harrow.]

har·ri·er 2

1. A dog of a breed developed in England to hunt hares and rabbits, similar in appearance to but smaller than the English foxhound.
2. A cross-country runner.

[Middle English hairer, eirer, possibly alteration (influenced by hair, hare, hare) of Old French errier, wanderer, from errer, to wander; see err.]
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1. a person or thing that harries
2. (Animals) any diurnal bird of prey of the genus Circus, having broad wings and long legs and tail and typically preying on small terrestrial animals: family Accipitridae (hawks, etc). See also marsh harrier, Montagu's harrier


1. (Breeds) a smallish breed of hound used originally for hare-hunting
2. (Athletics (Track & Field)) a cross-country runner
[C16: from hare + -er1; influenced by harrier1]


(Aeronautics) a British subsonic multipurpose military jet plane capable of vertical takeoff and landing by means of vectoring the engine thrust
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(ˈhær i ər)

1. a person who or thing that harries.
2. any of several short-winged hawks of the genus Circus, esp. C. cyaneus, of the N hemisphere, that typically hunt over treeless areas.


(ˈhær i ər)

1. one of a breed of medium-sized hounds similar to a foxhound but smaller and used, usu. in packs, esp. in hunting hares.
2. a cross-country runner.
[1535–45; special use of harrier1, by association with hare]
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Noun1.harrier - a persistent attacker; "the harassers were not members of the regular army"
aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker - someone who attacks
2.harrier - a hound that resembles a foxhound but is smaller; used to hunt rabbits
hound, hound dog - any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears
3.harrier - hawks that hunt over meadows and marshes and prey on small terrestrial animals
hawk - diurnal bird of prey typically having short rounded wings and a long tail
genus Circus, Circus - a genus of haws comprising the harriers
Circus Aeruginosus, marsh harrier - Old World harrier frequenting marshy regions
Circus pygargus, Montagu's harrier - brownish European harrier
Circus cyaneus, hen harrier, marsh hawk, northern harrier - common harrier of North America and Europe; nests in marshes and open land
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[ˈhærɪəʳ] N
1. (= dog) → lebrel m (inglés)
2. harriers (= cross-country runners) → corredores mpl de cross
3. (Orn) → aguilucho m
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(Sport) → Querfeldeinläufer(in) m(f), → Geländeläufer(in) m(f)
(Orn) → Weih m
(= dog) Hund für die Hasenjagd
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References in classic literature ?
"In the first place, Trunila is not a 'dog,' but a harrier," thought Nicholas, and looked sternly at his sister, trying to make her feel the distance that ought to separate them at that moment.
The harrier turned against the huntsman; the minister gave him cuts with the whip and caresses, alternately, and set up rivals to him.
This inalienable habit of saving, as an end in itself, belonged to the industrious men of business of a former generation, who made their fortunes slowly, almost as the tracking of the fox belongs to the harrier,--it constituted them a "race," which is nearly lost in these days of rapid money-getting, when lavishness comes close on the back of want.
These were the keeper of the king's harriers and the master of the falcons, personages greatly respected in the time of Louis XIII., but rather neglected by his successor.
d'Artagnan does not get any older," said the keeper of the harriers to his colleague the falconer; "with ten years more to carry than either of us, he has the seat of a young man on horseback."
The keeper of the harriers had prudently withdrawn.
"Yes," said the keeper of the harriers, drawing towards them, "M.
After having undergone this sharp rebuke, the keeper of the harriers hung his head, and allowed the falconer to get two steps in advance of him nearer to D'Artagnan.
"He is content," said the falconer, in a low voice, to the musketeer; "we all know that harriers are in fashion nowadays; if he were a falconer he would not talk in that way."
I have four harriers which are considered the swiftest in the county, and a pack of hounds which are unequalled for twenty leagues around."
Otherwise he plays golf and follows the harriers for his figure's sake.
"Well, we had six or seven mangy harriers and beagles belonging to the house, I'll allow, and had had them for years, and that the Doctor put them down.