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 (hə-rŭs′pĕks′, hăr′ə-spĕks′) also a·rus·pex (ə-rŭs′pĕks′)
n. pl. ha·rus·pi·ces (hə-rŭs′pĭ-sēz′) also a·rus·pi·ces (ə-rŭs′pĭ-sēz′)
A priest in ancient Rome who practiced divination by the inspection of the entrails of animals.

[Latin; see gherə- in Indo-European roots.]

ha·rus′pi·cate′ (-pĭ-kāt′) v.


n, pl haruspices (həˈrʌspɪˌsiːz)
(Historical Terms) (in ancient Rome) a priest who practised divination, esp by examining the entrails of animals
[C16: from Latin, probably from hīra gut + specere to look]
haruspical adj
haruspicy n


(həˈrʌs pɛks, ˈhær əˌspɛks)

n., pl. ha•rus•pi•ces (həˈrʌs pəˌsiz)
one of a class of ancient Roman diviners who based their predictions on the interpretation of animal entrails, natural prodigies, and unusual meteorological phenomena.
[1575–85; < Latin, =haru-, akin to hīra intestine, Greek chordḗ gut (see chord1) + spec(ere) to look at]
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also aruspex
A person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means:
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Schemes, evasions, calculations and bargains multiply, all based on polls interpreted by the modern equivalents of Roman haruspices.
What distinguishes Virgil, nevertheless, from the soothsayers, augurs, astrologers, haruspices or omen readers, mantics, and divines in this circle is that his prophesying is an interpretation of history.
Avec quelle satisfaction ne le voit-on pas, dans sons livres de la divination, affranchir l'esprit des romains du joug ridicule des haruspices, et des regles de cet art, qui etait l'opprobre de la theologie pai'enne[.
Alexander esteemed the haruspices and accepted their advice, which resembles that of privileging haruspicy and traditional divination over and against foreign cults, which Cassius Dio probably intended to give to the same emperor in Maecenas' speech to Augustus (Dio 52, 36) (23).
Politica y adivinacion en el Bajo Imperio Romano: emperadores y haruspices (193 d.
Throughout history, assorted shamans, haruspices, auspices, astrologers, sibyls, kaballahists, pyromancers, Hegelians, Marxists, palmists, tarot-card readers, stock chartists, and computer modelers have made good livings off of the apparently limitless market demand for more certainty and reduced risk.
Tambem as digressoes dos livros XI e XII, ao refletir os interesses de Claudio como censor, mostram aspectos que seriam talvez meramente ilustrativos se inseridas em outros pontos do texto, como, por exemplo, no caso das letras do alfabeto (XI, 13-14) e do colegio dos haruspices (XI, 15).