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1. The act or process of gathering a crop.
a. The crop that ripens or is gathered in a season.
b. The amount or measure of the crop gathered in a season.
c. The time or season of such gathering.
3. The result or consequence of an action: stuck with the harvest of a predecessor's decisions.
v. har·vest·ed, har·vest·ing, har·vests
a. To gather (a crop).
b. To take or kill (fish or deer, for example) for food, sport, or population control.
c. To extract from a culture or a living or recently deceased body, especially for transplantation: harvested bone marrow.
2. To gather a crop from (land, for example).
3. To receive or collect (energy): a turbine that harvests energy from tidal currents.
4. To receive (the benefits or consequences of an action). See Synonyms at reap.
To gather a crop.

[Middle English, from Old English hærfest; see kerp- in Indo-European roots.]

har′vest·a·ble adj.
har′vest·a·bil′i·ty n.
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(Agriculture) capable of being harvested
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'Moreover, harvestable palay was adversely affected by the dry spell that brought down production in the above-cited regions,' it added.
As an angler himself, Hamm loves how harvestable the fish remains.
The improvement in output was attributed to the early start of milling operations as more harvestable canes were reported as a result of early plantings last year and higher price of the commodity.
"Mangroves are valued both for their harvestable and other products," Ms Hamza said.-Bernadine MutanuKisii County in drive to vaccinate pets after an outbreak of rabiesThe Kisii County government has begun vaccinating pets against rabies following an outbreak in some parts of the region.
Construction of the new reefs is expected to begin this winter, with harvestable portions ready as soon as 2021.
Similarly, the harvestable area may decrease by 0.75 percent from previous year's level of 1.86 million hectares.
The Nepalese suspect was solely accused of possessing two sacks of marijuana weighing 230gm and 10.4gm of harvestable poppy seeds.
He'll say he's smart enough to know when there's a harvestable surplus and sharp enough to get away with it.
Scientists created the hybrids as part of an ongoing study to produce 'harvestable' human organs inside engineered animals.
Jef Boedt, general manager of Socfin Cambodia, said that since the company launched its rubber plantation in 2009, approximately 2,000 hectares of rubber have become harvestable, making it economically reasonable for Socfin to open its own processing factory.
Maturing shrimp growth=(Shrimp reproduction (*) Harvestable shrimp population) - {Death rate (*) Maturing shrimp population (*) [(Half consumption (*) Maturing shrimp population) / (Algae population in maturing tank+epsilon) + 1} - (Transfer factor (*) Maturing shrimp population)